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Crebilly Farm Natural Lands FAQ’s


Voters to make a choice for Crebilly, Daily Local News, 6/13/2022

Township Manager Jon Altshul said Monday that the tax burden would be evenly split between property owners and wage earners so to not overburden retired residents and also not put a tax burden solely on working residents. Social Security benefits, 401K income, or capital gains would not be considered as earned income.

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Questions Linger for Crebilly

Toll Brothers Out At Crebilly Farm, Daily Local News, 9/9/21

No go for Toll’s Crebilly plan,, 9/8/21; Updated 9/9/21

Much remains unclear, but Westtown Township supervisors voted to deny Toll Bros. conditional use application to develop Crebilly Farm. The unanimous vote came after the township solicitor announced to the audience that Toll was no longer the equitable owner of the 322-acre property.

Crebilly hearings concluded,, 7/13/21

The July 12 session was dominated by public comment with the resounding sentiment being a plea to supervisors to deny conditional use approval of the plan that calls for building 317 new homes on the 320-plus-acre property that’s surrounded by Routes 202 and 926, and by S. New Street and West Pleasant Grove Road. The reasons expressed were the same expressed during the last five years: concerns over traffic, open space and historic preservation, and Toll bashing.

Crebilly hearings nearing a close,, 5/27/21

What might have been the next to last session of the conditional use hearing for the proposed development of Crebilly Farm had some technical issues in which some people were knocked offline, but at least one rebuttal witness had been able to testify.

Crebilly’s impact on Thornbury considered,, 4/22/21

Testimony in Westtown Township’s April 21 conditional use hearing for the Toll Bros./Crebilly Farm plan focused on how traffic and road conditions could impact a residential development in Thornbury Township.

Thornbury Township, Chester County, has party status in the case. The development of Bridlewood at Thornbury is directly across Route 926 from Crebilly. A proposed connector road through Crebilly is, currently at least, designed to be in line with Bridlewood Boulevard.

Traffic engineer questioned in hearing,, 3/24/21

The latest session in the conditional use hearing for Toll Bros. planned development of Crebilly Farm was a wrap-up of questioning for the Westtown Township traffic engineer. Organizations and individuals with party status and township supervisors asked Al Federico a variety of questions to clarify his and other previous testimony.

Traffic takes center stage at Crebilly hearing,, 2/24/21

It was all about traffic and road conditions during the Feb. 23 session of the Toll Bros./Crebilly Farm conditional use hearing in Westtown Township. There was also a little side trip to find Supervisors’ Chairman Carol De Wolf, who was absent from the hearing’s first hour. It was announced later that she had forgotten about the session.

Traffic talk at Crebilly hearing,, 9/15/20

It was all about traffic at the latest Toll Bros./Crebilly Farm conditional use hearing in Westtown Township Monday night. Traffic engineer Nicole Kline, of McMahon Associates, wrapped up her testimony being cross-examined by attorneys and others with party status.

The current hearings, referred to as Crebilly II, since this is the second set of conditional use hearings for the farm’s proposed development at Routes 926 and 202. Township supervisors denied approval two years ago for the proposed 319-home development.

1,000 acres once owned by Campbell’s Soup scion are now a Pa. preserve, Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/21/20

The land was part of a complex real estate transaction that took more than 10 years to acquire the 978-acre parcel from George Strawbridge Jr., an octogenarian scion of the Dorrance family of Campbell’s Soup fame and a top horse breeder. It is situated in Elk and Franklin Townships off Strickersville Road.

The Conservation Fund finalized the sale of the property for $32.25 million through a series of grants from the Mount Cuba Center, Chester County, and Pennsylvania. Then it deeded the property to the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources as a preserve. The transaction was completed in March.

Land trusts saving battlefield, CFL, 7/20/20
“Much like the Battle of Bunker Hill, the fighting at Brandywine technically resulted in a loss for American forces,” said American Battlefield Trust President Jim Lighthizer, “but was more significant for what it wasn’t. This was no disorganized rout, no demoralizing defeat. At Brandywine, the Continental Army under Gen. George Washington proved it could hold its own against British regulars in an all-day, stand up fight. And other powers in Europe took notice, helping forge the alliances that led to American independence.”

Planners recommend denial of Crebilly Farm development plans, Daily Local News, 7/9/20
The Westtown Township Planning Commission unanimously voted to deny a revised concept plan presented by builder Toll Brothers to construct a 319-home subdivision at Crebilly Farm. 

The Wednesday vote, during a special meeting to consider the Toll-presented alternate concept plan, at Cheyney University’s Marian Anderson Music Center, is not legally binding and is a recommendation to the board of supervisors who will make any final decision.

Applause and rebuke at Westtown meeting,, 3/5/20
Commission member John Embick then asked Adelman whether moving homes out of the swath area would result in fewer homes being built.
“You could design a development that would be east of the swath line,” Embick said.
“Anybody can; it’s just a smaller development,” Adelman answered.
That’s when the audience applauded. But Adelman responded with a reminder of rights.

Toll continues Crebilly application,, 2/20/20
Toll Bros. continued its application to develop Crebilly Farm with a lengthy discussion at the Westtown Township Planning Commission meeting Wednesday night. Much of the talk concerned trails, sidewalks, roads and traffic.

The developer is going through a second conditional use hearing for the project that would, if approved, result in the development of 317 new homes on the 322-plus acre farm on Route 926 at Route 202. Township supervisors denied approval for a similar plan in 2017.

Possible change in plans for Crebilly Farm, Daily Local News, 2/12/20
The builder and planning commission are discussing 58 recommendations from the current application at Route 926 and Route 202.

Crebilly 2 hearing underway,, 12/19/19
Round two of the Toll Bros./Crebilly Farm conditional use hearing in Westtown Township is underway. There was nothing special during the first night, which began the same way as round one went in 2017 with residents and others requesting party status.

Having party status allows people to cross-examine witnesses and appeal the supervisors’ decision if they feel that is necessary.

Commonwealth Court upholds Westtown decision,, 12/12/19
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has issued its opinion upholding Westtown Township’s decision denying conditional use approval for Toll Bros. plan to develop Crebilly Farm. The written decision was issued Dec. 12.

Crebilly developer Toll Brothers loses in court, Daily Local News, 12/13/19
Toll Brothers again lost in court concerning development at the 322-acre Crebilly Farm site.

Commonwealth Court affirmed Common Pleas Judge Mark Tunnell’s decision, while stating that the builder failed to meet the requirements for a conditional use application to build 319 homes. Toll was denied, affirming the earlier lower court’s decision.

Planners recommend no for Toll,, 11/21/19
Westtown Planning Commission members Wednesday night unanimously voted to recommend the Board of Supervisors deny conditional use approval of Toll Bros. plan to develop Crebilly Farm. However, the commission is also developing a list of conditions supervisors should follow should they decide to approve the plan.

Effort to save Crebilly gets huge boost with election of Pomerantz, Daily Local News, 11/11/19
When he was asked about Crebilly, he started each meeting telling the public, “I wish we weren’t here and we wouldn’t need to be here had the board of supervisors dealt with Crebilly proactively.”

Birmingham into the Crebilly fray,, 11/5/19
Birmingham Township Supervisors are keeping an open eye — and an ear —  on the Crebilly Farm situation in Westtown Township. And they’re making plans to become a party to the next round of hearings on the Toll Bros. application to develop the farm.

Chesco earmarks $5 million toward Embreeville State Hospital purchase, Daily Local News, 10/30/19
Farrell said that the key in funding such efforts was the participation of the township in acquiring the land, a factor not seen in relation to other large parcels under development proposal that residents have opposed, such as the former Bishop Tube property in East Whiteland and the beloved Crebilly Farm in Westtown. “Here, the township took the initiative,” he said.    

Toll Brothers offers new plan for Crebilly, but it’s much like the original, Daily Local News, 10/13/19
Builder Toll Brothers has thrown a second log on the fire in the battle over Crebilly Farm.

Toll offers new plan for Crebilly,, 10/8/19
Toll Bros. has presented another plan to Westtown Township for the development of Crebilly Farm, and it isn’t much different than the one the township denied almost two years ago. And the plan comes even while Toll and the township are waiting to hear Commonwealth Court’s opinion on Toll’s appeal of Westtown’s denial of the previous plan.

Crebilly Farm puts tax breaks in spotlight,, 6/30/19
Also known as Act 319, the program resulted in a school tax bill last year on the farm’s four tax parcels — 301.5 acres of the 322-acre tract — enrolled under Act 319 of $23,486. That amount represents less than half of the $52,281 that would have been due without the Act 319 enrollment. Members of the Robinson family, descendants of the co-founder of Acme supermarkets, paid $4,823 in county taxes, as opposed to $10,738. And the township received a $3,864 payment instead of $8,602.

Toll Brothers spars with Westtown in Pittsburgh court, Daily Local News, 5/7/19

Westtown, Toll face off again over Crebilly Farm, CFL, 5/6/19
A three-judge Commonwealth Court panel sitting in Pittsburgh  heard arguments from Gregg Adelman, one of Toll’s attorneys, and Patrick McKenna, the Westtown Township solicitor. Both presentations focused primarily on whether the township has the authority to require Toll to construct a connector road in the proposed development, which would include more than 300 homes.

Two years in, Chester County residents maintain fight against Toll Bros. over Revolution-era farmland
Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/3/19

Toll was dealt a blow in late 2017, when the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors denied its application, saying the housing juggernaut had ignored key zoning requirements, including a mandated “collector road” to help alleviate traffic congestion. Months later, Toll appealed the decision to the County Court, which ruled in favor of the township.

Now, Toll has taken its appeal to the next level — Commonwealth Court — where a hearing is scheduled for Monday in Pittsburgh. And when Toll’s legal team presents the case, dozens of Chester County residents will be there, thanks to a planned bus trip to the Steel City.


Crebilly bus to Pittsburgh,, 4/16/19
Area residents interested in the fate of Crebilly Farm and who want to see Commonwealth Court in action now have a chance to witness an appeal first hand. Randell Spackman, of Thornbury Farm, has hired a bus for people to take to Pittsburgh on May 6 to watch the proceedings.

‘Battle Venue’ Moved to Pittsburgh in the Case of Crebilly Farm, VistaToday, 4/22/19
Patrick McKenna, Westtown Township’s counsel, tried to prevent the move, citing unduly burdensome costs to the township and its taxpaying residents.

Crebilly appeal will be in Pittsburgh; Many opposed to Toll Brothers taking a road trip, Daily Local News, 4/18/19
Commonwealth Court arguments on the appeal by Toll Brothers construct a 319-house subdivision at the 322-acre Crebilly Farm located near the intersection of routes 926 and 202 have been moved up to May 6 in Pittsburgh.

Toll appeals Common Pleas decision,, 10/22/18
Toll Bros. Inc. has appealed last month’s Common Pleas Court decision upholding Westtown Township’s denial of conditional use approval for a proposed development of Crebilly Farm. Toll’s attorney Gregg Adelman said briefs explaining the grounds for the appeal would be filed in Commonwealth Court “in the near future.”

Toll Brothers files appeal over Crebilly subdivision, DLN, 10/21/18
Toll Brothers has filed an appeal to a ruling upholding a decision by township supervisors denying the building firm a conditional use application to construct a 319-house subdivision at the 322-acre Crebilly Farm located near the intersection of routes 926 and 202.

Judge upholds Crebilly denial,, 10/2/18
Chester County Judge Mark L. Tunnell, Monday, upheld Westtown Township’s denial of the Toll Bros. conditional use application for a flexible development at the 320-plus-acre Crebilly Farm property on Route 926.

“(T)he Board properly denied Toll Pa’s conditional use application on four separate grounds,” Tunnell wrote in his 23-page decision. “Consequently, the appeal is denied.”

Toll Brothers denied conditional use at Crebilly Farm, DLN, 10/2/18
Open space advocates are celebrating Monday’s decision by Court of Common Pleas Judge Mark L. Tunnell to uphold a decision by the township board of supervisors denying builder Toll Brothers a conditional use application to construct a 319-home subdivision, at the 322-acre Crebilly Farm.

Arguments heard in Crebilly appeal,, 9/18/18
It’s anybody’s guess when a decision will be made in the Toll Bros. appeal of Westtown Township’s decision to deny the Toll’s conditional use application to develop Crebilly Farm. Attorneys for both sides, as well as attorneys for two intervenors, gave oral arguments before judge Mark L. Tunnell on Monday.

Township, Toll Brothers await decision on Crebilly Farm intersection dispute, DLN, 9/18/18
Traffic and road improvements were the main topics of discussion during a hearing concerning an appeal by Toll Brothers in the bid to build 319 homes at Crebilly Farm in Westtown.

Common Pleas Judge Mark L. Tunnell made no immediate decision on whether to overturn the unanimous December 2017 township Board of Supervisor’s decision to deny a conditional use application.

Judge to hear Toll Brothers appeal of Crebilly Farm site development, DLN, 9/17/18
A packed courtroom is expected at the Chester County Justice Center Monday for a hearing on the appeal of Toll Brothers of the denial of its plans to build a housing development at the Crebilly Farm site, property that residents have claimed as the “crown jewel” of Westtown that should be left largely untouched.

Op/Ed: Keep fighting for Crebilly,, 8/13/18
I took a drive past my childhood home the other day off General Howe Drive, near Crebilly Farm.  So much change along the way, so many fields once home to cattle, horses and farmland were almost unrecognizable to me. I realize change is part of life but it can sure be hard to swallow sometimes.

Soon after, I passed Crebilly Farm. There she was in all her splendor, still looking mostly how I remember her as a child, unspoiled and vast, rolling hills in every texture and shade of green. A familiar and comforting sight, I sighed a breath of relief, for now.

For Crebilly, settlement hopes percolating,, 4/21/18
For more than a year, opponents of the plan to erect 319 homes on a scenic, 322-acre tract had attended dozens of multi-hour meetings that produced almost 2,000 pages of testimony. They argued that the development would irrevocably harm the environment, exacerbate traffic woes, and desecrate land with Revolutionary War ties, rejecting the developer’s insistence to the contrary.

Toll appeals Westtown supervisors’ decision on Crebilly Farm, DLN, 3/13/18
Toll Brothers will appeal a Dec. 28 decision by the township board of supervisors to deny construction of 317 homes at Crebilly Farm.
No court date has been set by the Chester County Court of Common Pleas to address the appeal.

Toll appeals Westtown decision,, 3/13/18
In asking the court to reverse Westtown’s decision, Toll’s attorneys Gregg Adelman and Marc Kaplin said the decision “constitutes an abuse of the board’s discretion, are improper as a matter of law, and are not supported by substantial evidence.”

Toll Brothers appeals denial to build more than 300 homes in Chester County, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/9/18
After weeks of silence about Westtown’s decision in December to deny Toll’s bid to build more than 300 homes on a Chester County farm, Toll has struck back. This week, the Horsham-based luxury home builder asked a Chester County Court judge to reverse the local board of supervisors’ decision and approve Toll’s application to build.

Why Toll Bros. was denied in Chester County: Traffic, roads, and the Revolutionary War, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/1/18
Despite ardent opposition from area residents, Toll Brothers, one of the nation’s largest home builders, tried for much of 2017 to gain approval to build 317 homes on a Chester County farm, one that many have argued has ties to the Revolutionary War.

Toll quiet on Westtown decision,, 2/20/18
A week after Westtown Township released its written decision denying the Toll Bros. conditional use application for the development of Crebilly Farm, the developer still has not commented.

Traffic concerns cited in denial of Crebilly Farm subdivision, Daily Local News, 2/15/18

Brandywine Battlefield 1, Free Markets 0: Scrapped Chester County housing development a sign of hope for hallowed Revolutionary War site, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/5/18
A few days before New Year’s, residents of Westtown Township, Chester County, cheered as their elected officials spiked a planned Toll Bros. housing development on a 322-acre privately owned parcel known as Crebilly Farm, where portions of the famous battle were believed to have been waged.

Toll Bros. is denied application to build 317 homes near Brandywine Battlefield, Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/29/17
After more than a year of debate, Westtown Township supervisors voted Thursday night to deny Toll Bros. its application to build a 317-unit housing development on Crebilly Farm, a 322-acre Chester County parcel that many have argued has ties to the Revolutionary War.

Westtown board rejects massive development of Crebilly Farm, DLN, 12/29/17
Crebilly Farm has been saved – at least for now.

Following the meeting, all three supervisors refused to comment until attorney Patrick McKenna makes it official and publishes a formal written decision on or before Feb. 12, when a 46-day time clock runs out. It is not yet known if Toll Brothers will appeal the ruling.

Westtown denies Toll Bros.,, 12/28/17
It took five minutes for Westtown Township supervisors to end a year-long conditional use hearing when they voted to deny Toll Bros. application to develop Crebilly Farm.

Westtown sets Crebilly vote:, 11/28/17
The 10-month long conditional use hearing process regarding Toll Bros. proposal to build 317 new homes on Crebilly Farm has come to an end. Westtown Township supervisors will announce their decision 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 28 at the township building, according to township solicitor Patrick McKenna.

Westtown residents speak out against Crebilly Farm development: DLN, 11/28/17
Monday’s meeting was reserved for public comment. During the meeting, attended by 150 concerned citizens at Rustin High School, all residents compelled to do so had their chance to be heard.

Hearings continue over proposed development at Crebilly Farm: Daily Local News, 10/25/17
More than 200 members of an engaged public attended the more than four-hour-long, ninth continued hearing concerning builder Toll Brothers’ proposed subdivision for the 322-acre Crebilly Farm, at Stetson Middle School Tuesday night.

With the possibility of just one more witness addressing supervisors, the general public will get a chance to have a say at a meeting scheduled for Nov. 27 at 6 p.m. at Rustin High School.

Engineers butt heads over Crebilly:, 10/25/17
The ninth session of a conditional use hearing for the Toll Bros.-proposed development of Crebilly Farm at Routes 926 and 202 in Westtown Township turned into he-said-she-said testimonies over stormwater management. That came after supervisors denied a witness who would have testified about battlefield preservation via video conferencing.

Also testifying during the Oct. 24 session was James Scanlon, superintendent of the West Chester Area School District.

The next session is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 27 at Rustin High School. According to township solicitor Patrick McKenna, the proceedings that night would focus on public comment.

Letter to the editor: Preserve Chester County open space: Daily Local News, 10/16/17
Most of us living in and near West Chester have learned of the pending sale and development of the iconic land in Westtown Township called Crebilly Farm. Born and raised in West Chester, I rode my horse on the property as a young girl. I cannot imagine West Chester without Crebilly Farm and took for granted that it would always be there. Crebilly Farm is part of the Brandywine Battlefield. The threat of mass development of that sacred land woke me up. What began for me as an awareness campaign to preserve our history and push for a better outcome has grown into advocating for open space preservation in my own township, West Bradford.

Civil War Trust’s Campaign 1776 Encourages the Preservation of Crebilly Farm at Brandywine:  O. James Lighthizer, President, Civil War Trust, 10/2/17
With this letter, I seek to convey the Trust’s concern with the Toll Brothers’ proposed development of the 322.36-acre site known locally as “Crebilly Farm,” located in Westtown Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Significantly, this property is situated within the historic footprint of the Brandywine Battlefield.

Given Crebilly Farm’s significance in the Battle of Brandywine, the Civil War Trust encourages Westtown Township to consider the long-term economic and open space benefits of preserving the property and its history.  The Trust urges Westtown Township and Toll Brothers to consider alternatives to the current development plan, and further their outreach to the local community, battlefield advocates and other stakeholders.  With the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution only 8 years away, now is the time to be protecting our Revolutionary War history.  Read Complete Statement Here

For the love of, 9/18/17
Linda Kaat, a co-chair of this year’s reenactment, said it’s all about the history and that holding the re-enactment on the actual battlefield is a perfect setting for the re-enactors to share their knowledge.

Brandywine Battlefield site preserved in Birmingham: Daily Local News, 9/16/17
“This reflects our character and our investment in our past and future,” Costello said about the purchase. “In Southeastern Pennsylvania, conservation and education efforts create an important partnership in preserving open spaces for future generations to understand our history, and a perfect example of this partnership is the preservation of Brandywine Battlefield.”

A Revolutionary battlefield is saved in Chester County: Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/15/17
The Battle of Brandywine on Sept. 11, 1777 was a crushing defeat for the patriots, allowing the British to take Philadelphia. Long after the war was won, the location of the battle, Dilworth Farm in West Chester, remained unprotected. For the first time, the American Battlefield Land Grant Program is being used to protect farmland–this Chester County battlefield. The battle’s 240th anniversary was marked with 800 re-enactors in Chester County.

Toll Brothers Caught Up in Chester County Historic Preservation Fight, Philadelphia magazine, 5/30/17
This one involves a subdivision the company wants to build on a farm in Westtown Township. Opponents say it would ruin the site where the Battle of Brandywine began.

Crebilly Farm Fight: More than 100 pack hearing on controversial Toll Brothers plans, DLN, 4/21/17
It might not have been a true battle, but a solicitor for the planning commission and a historical expert hired by builder Toll Brothers certainly engaged in a war of words during the latest hearing to decide the fate of the controversial plans for Crebilly Farm.

Crebilly development would cost West Chester Area School District $645,000 per year
DLN, 3/29/17
With construction proposed at the 330-acre Crebilly Farm, the West Chester Area School District expects the cost to educate an additional 172 public school students at about $645,000 per year for five years.

The district used a formula designed to reimburse charter schools since the state does not recognize a per pupil cost.

Crebilly development would have huge impact on West Chester School District, DLN, 3/29/17
If developer Toll Brothers’ plans to construct 317 homes at Crebilly Farms are realized, the financial hit to the West Chester Area School District will be enormous. Officials said the shortfall will be $645,000 per year once the houses are completed.

“Simply put, a public school district cannot fairly shoulder the entire cost of a huge surge of students at one time,” Scanlon wrote.

The Battle for Crebilly Farm, Main Line Today magazine, April Issue, 3/27/17
“I’ve been called worse (than Paul Revere),” Rhodes says. “I thought, what we need to do is create a massive public outcry—and so what could I do?I could hand out flyers and walk the neighborhood, then I thought, ‘Hell, I’m not walking when I can ride my horse.’”

Her initiative grew into a group effort, Crebilly Farm Friends, but it isn’t the only grassroots opponent of the development. There’s also Neighbors for Crebilly, organized by local realtor Elizabeth Roche and businessman Vince Moro. Others like Kathleen Brady Shea of Chadds Ford Live news website and blogger Carla Zambelli of Chester County Ramblings raised awareness. 

Radio Interview with Eric Fransen, WCHE 1520AM, 3/17/17

Open Letter to Mr. Andrew Semon, Toll Brothers, Inc Division President,, 3/1/17
I have heard on more than one occasion from you, during the Planning Commission meetings, that your company has ‘met the minimum requirements.’  The minimum requirements.  What if a loved one of yours needed brain surgery and the surgeon…

Toll Brothers lowers amount of homes it hopes to develop at Crebilly Farm, DLN, 2/26/17
During the recent Westtown Planning Commission meeting, the members recommended conditions to present to the Westtown supervisors. If the developers do not meet the 48 conditions that the commissioners approved of, then the commissioners recommend that the supervisors deny the whole application.

317 houses eyed for Crebilly Farm, Daily Local News, 2/24/17
Residents who live within 500 feet of the property received a notice in the mail about the proposal and the conditional use hearing held during the Westtown supervisors meeting on Wednesday. Patrick McKenna, solicitor for the Westtown supervisors, noted that about 110 property owners were notified.

“I understand the passions that are involved with this application,” McKenna said. “I know the property very well. The supervisors know the property very well. Everyone knows what’s at stake.”

Hearing underway for Crebilly,, 2/23/17
Proceedings began Wednesday night at Stetson Middle School with 38 people and organizations requesting party status. An entity with party status may question witnesses, present witnesses of their own and appeal the supervisors’ decision.

Westtown planning commissioners discuss conditions for the proposed Crebilly Farm development, Daily Local News, 2/14/17
The Westtown Planning Commission meeting Monday focused on conditions to be considered in the proposed housing development at the Crebilly Farm. If the developers do not meet the total of 48 conditions, then commissioners recommend that supervisors deny the whole application.

Planners recommend approval for Crebilly with Conditions,, 2/14/17
The plan now moves to the formal conditional use hearing phase where supervisors will decide to approve or deny the concept. The first hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Feb. 22 at Stetson Middle School.

Neighbors Pushing Back Against Development On Chester County Farm , 3CBSphilly, 2/8/17
A group of neighbors in Chester County are up in arms regarding proposed development on a farm in Westtown. The final hearing before the township planning commission is scheduled for Thursday evening.

Better plan needed for Crebilly, Letter to the Editor, 1/30/17
It is our hope the township and the developer will devise a thoughtful and balanced development plan that does not compromise this incredible piece of American history: conserve the open space and preserve the Brandywine Battlefield.

We, the community, need to hold our townships and developers to the highest standards in order to preserve the integrity of unique land such as Crebilly Farm.

It’s all in the planning,, Op/Ed 1/30/17 by Michelle Kichline, Chair, Chester County Board of Commissioners
We remain committed to open space preservation efforts along with aiding our County’s agriculture sector, while encouraging residential and business development in local urban communities.

Pocopson Township on Crebilly Farm Preservation, The Unionville Times, 1/26/17
The supervisors unanimously approved the acceptance of a resolution to support Westtown township in its efforts to preserve the 322 acres of the scenic and historic Crebilly Farm. The land, part of the Battle of the Brandywine during the Revolutionary War, created its own battle between Toll Brothers and the Westtown residents in opposition. The plan to develop the land with 319 residential lots would increase the township’s population by about ten percent and increase traffic. The supervisors agreed that the impact on the natural and cultural aspects would bring great dismay.
To read Pocopson Township’s resolution,click here.

Crebilly Farm controversy continues at Westtown planning commission meeting, Daily Local News, 1/13/17
Richard Pomerantz, the chair of the Westtown Planning Commission, described Crebilly as the “iconic centerpiece of Westtown township.”

“I wish we weren’t here,” Pomerantz said. He also suggested that the board of supervisors request a tour of the property so they “can see first hand what they will be deciding on.”

Open Letter to the Robinson Family, Daily Local News, 12/25/16
It is indeed a fine line between owners’ rights, thoughtful development, and a worthy legacy for sacred land such as yours, so rich with history and beauty.

Radio Interview with Gene Pisasale of Living History, WCHE 1520AM, 12/21/16

Battle lines redrawn at Crebilly Farm meeting , CFL, 12/16/16
The Westtown Township Planning Commission provided a lesson in Revolutionary War history and corporate economics to an audience of nearly 300 at Stetson Middle School.

Crebilly Farm Merits Preservation Effort, Daily Local News, Op/Ed, 12/10/16
Westtown Township is a very special community-with many historic buildings, natural creek valleys, tree-canopied roads, beautiful homes, vibrant schools and rolling farmland. While Westtown Township has experienced great change over the last decades, the change has been accommodated in a manner that maintains this special character and a feeling of being close to nature. Westtown is worthy of continued special efforts to carefully guide and preserve the most important features of the community. These are not my words, although they could be: This is the mission of the Westtown Township Growth Management Plan.

Westtown’s Crebilly Farm targeted by developers, DLN, 12/10/16

For some, Chester County farm a development battlefield,, 11/17/16
A 322-acre tract of rolling hills, which an official called the “iconic centerpiece” of his Chester County town, has been in developers’ sights for decades, and could soon sprout nearly 400 housing units under plans that Toll Bros. has proposed.

Westtown Township’s comprehensive plan from 15 years ago acknowledged that Crebilly Farm would inevitably be developed, said Richard Pomerantz, chair of the local planning commission, but he said former municipal leaders had not planned adequately for what development would best fit the town of about 11,000.

Passion Pervades Planners’ Crebilly Meeting,, 11/17/16
Other speakers delivered impassioned pleas to avoid marring the property’s scenic and historic resources. A West Chester University student and combat veteran said new research points to Crebilly as the location where the first shots were fired by Hessian forces. “When it’s lost, it’s lost forever,” he said.

Crebilly Farm dominates Westtown meeting,, 10/18/16
Some area residents have suggested that a subdivision would irrevocably ruin the property’s scenic vistas and historic grounds, which were traversed by Revolutionary War soldiers.

Saddling Up Support for Crebilly Preservation,, 10/10/16
“Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever,” said Rhodes. She stressed that she’s not anti-development and firmly believes that Crebilly’s owners should be fairly compensated. However, she also maintains that every effort should be made to protect such hallowed ground.

Toll Brothers Making Plans for Crebilly Farm,, 7/1/16
During a special public meeting, an audience of about 60 listened as representatives of Toll Brothers presented what Andrew J. Semon, a division president for the developer, described as “a very, very preliminary, conceptual discussion.”