Crebilly Farm Update 3/13/20

Dear Friends, UPDATE:  AS OF 12NOON, FRIDAY MARCH 13TH, ALL UPCOMING CREBILLY MEETINGS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED.  PLEASE DISREGARD BELOW.  NEW MEETING DATES WILL BE POSTED ON THE HOME PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE ONCE RESCHEDULED.  I am reaching out with some upcoming changes due to Coronavirus.  The next Crebilly II Conditional Use Hearing, scheduled for Wednesday March 25th,Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 3/13/20

Crebilly Farm Update 3/11/20

Dear Friends, I am following up with yet another tardy update (so sorry… better late than never, right?) from last week’s Planning Commission meeting regarding the ‘Alternative Conceptual Plan’ being presented by Toll Brothers.  A reminder that all upcoming meetings and hearings may be found on the front page of  Please mark your calendars forContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 3/11/20

Crebilly Farm Update 3/3/20

Dear Friends, Even though I am quite certain the following information is already marked on your calendars in neon pink, I thought I would send a brief reminder that the next Planning Commission meeting regarding Crebilly Farm and the ‘alternate conceptual plan’ being presented by Toll Brothers will be held: TOMORROW NIGHT, Wednesday, March 4th, 7:30pm atContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 3/3/20

Crebilly Farm Update 2/23/20

Dear Friends, Please forgive my tardy update from last Wednesday’s Planning Commission meeting regarding the ‘alternate conceptual plan’ (AC Plan) being presented by Toll Brothers.  There was a much better turnout from the public and I cannot thank those who were in attendance enough.  So- thank you!  It is so important we fill the seatsContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 2/23/20

Crebilly Farm Update 2/10/20

Dear Friends, I have some interesting news to share.  Last Wednesday evening, I attended Westtown Township’s Planning Commission meeting regarding Crebilly II and Toll Brother’s presentation of ‘supplemental material’ regarding the 58 conditions the PC has recommended to the Board of Supervisors.  At this meeting, Toll Brothers presented an ‘Alternate Conceptual Plan.’  This plan is a modifiedContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 2/10/20

Crebilly Farm Update 2/1/20

Dear Friends, Thank you so much to all who were in attendance this past Thursday, at the second Conditional Use hearing regarding Crebilly II.  Thank you, also, to the three groups that evening with legal counsel present:  Thornbury Township, Birmingham Township and the Westtown Township Planning Commission. (The PC that evening, happened to be represented by oneContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 2/1/20

Crebilly Farm Update 1/27/20

Dear Friends, I hope you have all survived the chaos of the holiday season and are enjoying what I think are some of the best parts of Winter:  cozy fires in the the fireplace, cocoa and peppermint schnapps and hibernation.  This message is to remind you the second Conditional Use Hearing regarding Crebilly II will beContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 1/27/20

Crebilly Farm Update 12/21/19

Dear Friends, I hope this finds each of you enjoying the season upon us.  Unless there is some earth-shattering news between now and January, this will be my last correspondence until such time.  I apologize this email is longer than I would have liked… just scroll through to the parts that interest you. Last Wednesday,Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 12/21/19

Crebilly Farm Update 12/14/19

Dear Friends, I feel like Rocky Balboa and all of us, together, just gave Toll Brothers a knock-out punch in the second round!!!  Congratulations to Westtown Township and especially solicitor Patrick McKenna for their Crebilly I Commonwealth Court victory!!! The panel of three Judges unanimously ruled in favor of Westtown Township, upholding their decision to deny TollContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 12/14/19