Crebilly Farm Update 6/26/19

Dear Friends, I hope this message finds all of you well and settling into the Summer season.  At this time, there is no new news to report regarding the latest court appeal that was held this past May in Pittsburgh.  We are still waiting for the Judge’s decision which could take several more weeks. Recently,Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 6/26/19

Crebilly Farm Update 5/7/19

Dear Friends, Yesterday in Pittsburgh, oral arguments in the Toll appeal were heard by a panel of three judges in Commonwealth Court.  Crebilly Farm was originally almost last on the list to be heard until the court caught wind- over thirty Chester County residents traveled the distance to attend in person.  Thanks to those citizens,Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 5/7/19

Crebilly Farm Update 5/3/19

Dear Friends, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those making the trip to Pittsburgh this Monday to be in attendance at the courthouse.  As many of you already know, oral argument for the Toll Brother’s appeal is THIS MONDAY, May 6th, 1PM, Room #313 Allegheny County Courthouse, 436 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 5/3/19

Crebilly Farm Update 4/27/19

Dear Friends, This is a reminder that the next court date for oral argument in the Toll Brother’s appeal will be held: MONDAY, MAY 6TH, 1PM Allegheny County Courthouse Room #313 436 Grant Street Pittsburgh, PA  15219 Thanks to Randell Spackman of Thornbury Farm (who also happens to be my wonderful cousin), a chartered busContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 4/27/19

Crebilly Farm Update 4/13/19

Dear Friends, For those who have not already heard, the next court date for oral argument has been changed to MONDAY, MAY 6TH, 1PM in PITTSBURGH.  Yes, Pittsburgh.  So, who’s up for a road trip? The decision to move the court date from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh was appealed by Westtown Township solicitor, Patrick McKenna, and sadly denied, leaving noContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 4/13/19

Crebilly Farm Update 3/4/19

Dear Friends, I hope this update finds all of you well and faring one of the muddiest and messiest Winters I can recall.  I am reaching out to let you know the Commonwealth Court has tentatively scheduled an oral argument date of Monday June 3rd, in Philadelphia, before a panel of three judges.  Date and time hasContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 3/4/19

Crebilly Farm Update 10/23/18

Dear Friends, As many of you may have already heard, Toll Brothers has appealed Judge Tunnell’s decision to uphold the denial of Conditional Use by the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors.  My guess is most of us share the same sentiments:  not surprised.  But I am not discouraged, either.  Not yet.  We have come further thanContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 10/23/18

Crebilly Farm Update 10/2/18

Dear Friends, JUDGE TUNNELL DENIES TOLL BROTHERS CONDITIONAL USE APPEAL!!!!!   JUDGE TUNNELL DENIES TOLL BROTHERS CONDITIONAL USE APPEAL!!!!!  OH! MA! GA!  OH! MA! GA!  Upon review, the court concluded the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors properly denied Toll’s application for Conditional Use on four separate grounds.  Congratulations Patrick McKenna, solicitor for Westtown Township, for your winning arguments. Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 10/2/18