Crebilly Farm Update 9/14/22

Dear Friends, Over half the townships in Chester County have already passed open space referendums, my home of West Bradford township included.  I think that makes quite a statement.  It’s pretty obvious land development in Chester County has skyrocketed and I think people are finally starting to wake up.  And not a moment too soon as weContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 9/14/22

Crebilly Farm Update 9/11/22

Dear Friends, Here is some INCREDIBLE news to cheer you up on a dreary Sunday:)  The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has awarded Westtown Township $2 MILLION DOLLARS toward the preservation of Crebilly Farm.  This is the largest grant award in the state of Pennsylvania!  That is what a big deal preserving Crebilly Farm has become.  PA State Senator Comitta and PA State Representative Herrin,Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 9/11/22

Crebilly Farm Update 8/5/22

Dear Friends, It is imperative that I make the following crystal clear:  CREBILLY FARM IS NOT YET SAVED.  ‘Saving’ Crebilly Farm, meaning preserving it as open space for the public to enjoy in perpetuity, is contingent upon Westtown residents voting YES! to the referendum this coming November 8th.  I repeat: Westtown residents must vote YES! and pass the NovemberContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 8/5/22

Crebilly Farm Update 4/6/22

Dear Friends, At Monday’s April 4th Board of Supervisors meeting at Westtown township, the BOS unanimously voted to approve an agreement of sale between the Robinson family, owners of Crebilly Farm, and Westtown township.  The conservation plan is this: the township’s goal is to purchase 208 acres of Crebilly Farm to be preserved as open spaceContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 4/6/22

Crebilly Farm Update 4/2/22

Dear Friends, I can hardly believe what I am about to share with you.  This coming Monday, April 4th, 7:30pm at the Westtown township building, the Board of Supervisors will consider an agreement of sale between the township and the owners of Crebilly Farm.  If I understand it correctly, Westtown township is planning to purchase 208 acres ofContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 4/2/22