Crebilly Update and More 4/29/23

Dear Friends, You may have heard last month the Robinson family extended their agreement of sale with Westtown Township for another year; the deadline is now March 31, 2024.  This will give Natural Lands another year to secure the remaining funds through grants and other resources.  This is all good.  Natural Lands has already achieved their goal ofContinue reading Crebilly Update and More 4/29/23

Crebilly Farm Update 3/17/23

Dear Friends, Please forgive this terribly tardy update… I have been remiss in my duties.  The biggest recent news to share (of which by now I am certain most of you are already aware) is another generous donation made by the Chester County Commissioners to Westtown Township for a total of $6,350,000 to date.  This isContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 3/17/23

Crebilly Farm Update 1/4/23

Dear Friends, My sincerest greetings to you after a long holiday season.  Nothing like starting off the new year with four million bucks!  In case you haven’t heard this latest wonderful news regarding the preservation of Crebilly Farm, here is the press release from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:  Thank you thankContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 1/4/23

Heartfelt, from a Westtown Resident 11/7/22

Dear Friends, We have officially reached the eleventh hour in the fate of Crebilly Farm.  Better late than never, and shame on me for almost missing sharing the following precious gem, written by Westtown resident Gail Guterl.  Here is her heartfelt letter in the Daily Local News: Dearest Ms. Guterl, Thank you.  For so many reasons,Continue reading Heartfelt, from a Westtown Resident 11/7/22

Crebilly Farm Update 11/6/22

Dear Friends, In case you missed this fantastic article in the Daily Local News by Bill Rettew, please see it below; it is well worth the time to read.  The article sums up beautifully, the significance of open space funding in townships, the economic benefits of preserving open space and what this means specifically forContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 11/6/22

Crebilly Farm Update 10/27/22

Dear Friends, Thank you for your support and attendance at last Monday night’s meeting regarding the question/answer session, over the referendum, hosted by Westtown Township with Natural Lands.  I thought it was a great turn out and I was happy to see Westtown residents taking advantage of the opportunity to get the facts and their questionsContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 10/27/22

Crebilly Farm Update 9/14/22

Dear Friends, Over half the townships in Chester County have already passed open space referendums, my home of West Bradford township included.  I think that makes quite a statement.  It’s pretty obvious land development in Chester County has skyrocketed and I think people are finally starting to wake up.  And not a moment too soon as weContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 9/14/22

Crebilly Farm Update 9/11/22

Dear Friends, Here is some INCREDIBLE news to cheer you up on a dreary Sunday:)  The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has awarded Westtown Township $2 MILLION DOLLARS toward the preservation of Crebilly Farm.  This is the largest grant award in the state of Pennsylvania!  That is what a big deal preserving Crebilly Farm has become.  PA State Senator Comitta and PA State Representative Herrin,Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 9/11/22