Crebilly Farm Update 8/5/20

Dear Friends, Tonight’s Conditional Use Hearing has been cancelled due to the storm and power outages. Please see the following listserv from Westtown Township: This meeting has been cancelled due to the ongoing power outage resulting from yesterday’s storms. An announcement will be made when a new date has been selected.  The next hearing dateContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 8/5/20

Crebilly Farm Update 8/1/20

Dear Friends, This is a reminder, the next Crebilly II/Toll Brothers Conditional Use Hearing will be held virtually, via Zoom: THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5TH AT 7PM. Those with Party Status are especially urged to tune into Wednesday’s hearing.  You will be able to ask questions/offer testimony during public comment.  Note to all, you do not needContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 8/1/20

Crebilly Farm Update 7/28/20

Dear Friends, Please mark your calendars for the next Board of Supervisors Conditional Use Hearing regarding Crebilly II/Toll Brothers and specifically, the ‘Alternate Conceptual Plan:’  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5TH, 7PM, via ZOOM only.  Last week, the following listserv was issued by Westtown Township: The Toll Brothers / Crebilly Farm Conditional Use Hearing previously scheduled for Tuesday July 21, 2020,Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 7/28/20

Crebilly Farm Update 7/18/20

Dear Friends, For those who do not receive the Westtown Township listserv, this Tuesday’s (July 21st) Conditional Use Hearing has been cancelled and the township plans to reschedule the hearing virtually.  Governor Wolf’s recent mandated orders have basically taken us from ‘green phase’ back to ‘yellow phase.’  This means no indoor gatherings of 25 people or more, including staff,Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 7/18/20

Crebilly Farm Update 7/12/20

Dear Friends, Please forgive my tardy update from last Wednesday’s final PC meeting.  I have a lot of information to share.  Here is what you need to know, first: PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE THIRD CONDITIONAL USE HEARING REGARDING CREBILLY II:   TUESDAY, JULY 21ST, 6PM  Uptown!Knauer Arts Center, 226 North High Street, West Chester, PA  19380Continue reading Crebilly Farm Update 7/12/20

Crebilly Farm Update 7/7/20

Dear Friends, This is an important reminder.  The final Planning Commission meeting, regarding Toll Brother’s Alternate Conceptual Plan for development of Crebilly Farm, will be held TOMORROW NIGHT, July 8th, 6pm.  It is imperative for all those who can, please show up in person and attend this meeting.  You do not need to be a citizen of Westtown Township, youContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 7/7/20

Crebilly Farm Update 7/2/20

Dear Friends, Success!!! Thank you, all, for a job well done! Massive public outcry worked- again! The July 8th final Planning Commission meeting, regarding Toll Brother’s Alternate Conceptual Plan (ACP), has been moved to Cheyney University in the Marion Anderson Music Center. I am pleased to report they have air conditioning, real bathrooms with realContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 7/2/20

Crebilly Farm Update 6/28/20

Dear Friends, I hate to bust up your beautiful Summer Sunday afternoon, but we have another call to action, asap, please.  In case you missed the late Friday listserv from Westtown Township, the final Planning Commission meeting regarding the ‘Alternate Conceptual Plan’ (ACP) has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 8th in a garage.  Yes, that’sContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 6/28/20

Crebilly Farm Update 6/10/20

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for taking action!  In case you have not heard the good news, thanks to all of you and the power of massive public outcry, the June 17th Planning Commission meeting regarding the ‘Alternate Conceptual Plan’ has been postponed until further notice.  Good.   Only a handful of people were in virtualContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 6/10/20

Crebilly Farm Update 6/6/20

Dear Friends, This is a call to action, please.  The next Planning Commission meeting regarding the Alternate Conceptual Plan (ACP) from Toll Brothers for Crebilly Farm is scheduled to be held virtually, Wednesday, June 17th, 7:30PM.  We need to get this upcoming PC meeting postponed unless or until Westtown Township finds a suitable solution for the public toContinue reading Crebilly Farm Update 6/6/20