Westtown Township BoS Decision Crebilly II / Toll, September 8, 2021

PC Recommendation Letter with Conditions, July 14, 2020

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Alternate Conceptual Plan, Toll Bros. response to Westtown Township Planning Commission’s December 2019 Recommendations

John Snook’s Review of Toll’s Alternate Conceptual Plan, 2/12/20

PennDOT Meeting Notes, 2/11/20
Meeting Minutes from Toll Brothers Crebilly Tract PennDOT Meeting

Return on Environment The Economic Value of Protected Open Space in Chester County, PA, Chester County Planning Commission, May 2019

Westtown Township Planning Commission recommendations to the BoS for Crebilly II, 12/13/19

Commonwealth Court affirms Westtown Township’s BoS in Crebilly I

Toll Bros Crebilly Farm II, Conditional Use Application – Submitted 8/16/2019

Township Review Letters to the Application
Chester County Planning Commission Review Letter 10/18/19
John Snook Follow-up Review Letter 10/17/19
Al Federico Traffic Engineering Review Letter 10/15/19
PennDOT Review Letter 10/11/19
McCormick Taylor Engineering Review Letter 10/3/19
Wastewater Disposal Review Letter 10/3/19
Storm Water Management Review 10/3/19
WEGO Police Review Letter 10/3/19
John Snook Original Review Letter, 10/3/19

Act 319 Clean and Green Law

PA Dept. of Ag: Clean and Green FAQ’s

Commonwealth Court Judges in May 6th proceeding: Presiding Judge P. Kevin Brobson, Patricia A. McCullough, Michael H. Wojcik

Argument List for Week of May 6, 2019

Commonwealth Court Argument Scheduled for May 6th, 1PM

Westtown Township Comprehensive Plan Update 2019

Judge Tunnell’s Order Re: Scenic Views, 10/31/18

Toll’s Concise Statement of Appeal, 10/9/18

Judge Tunnell’s Order for Concise Statement from Toll, 10/3/18

Judge Tunnell’s Decision , 10/1/18
Chester County Court of Common Pleas, Honorable Judge Mark Tunnell’s decision to uphold Westtown Township’s BOS to deny Toll’s CU Application

Toll Bros. CU Decision Appeal 3/6/18
Toll Brothers’ appeal to Chester County Court of Common Pleas

Toll-Brothers-Crebilly-Farm_BOS-Decision-with-Signatures_02-12-18 (1)
Written decision of Westtown Township BOS, 2/12/18

WCASD Resolution on Impact of Developing Crebilly Farm, Passed by WCASD board, 3/27/17

Preserve the Brandywine Battlefield on Crebilly Farm, YouTube Video 2/20/17
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Go to ‘Battlefield Video’ blog for more details (click here).

Planning Commission Recommendation to BoS, Formal recommendation with 49 conditions discussed at the 2/13/17 PC Meeting.  (See an excerpt below.)
The Planning Commission does not believe that Applicant has demonstrated compliance with the criteria in Sec. 170-2009(D)1(h) of the Ordinance and therefore, the application can be denied on that basis.  However, if the Applicant at the conditional use hearings provides testimony to demonstrate that it has complied with that criteria which is satisfactory to the Township’s traffic consultant,  then the Planning Commission would recommend that the Board approve the application subject to the conditions stated hereinbelow: (read more)

Chester County Planning Commission Toll / Crebilly Review Letter, 12/7/16
The County Planning Commission recommends that Westtown Township not grant conditional use approval until it has verified the application fully complies with the Flexible Development and Conservation Design provisions in the Township Zoning Ordinance.

Notice of Hearing, Westtown Township BoS Conditional Use Hearing, 2/22/17

Westtown Township Planning Commission meeting minutes on Toll / Crebilly:
For a detailed look at what was discussed, including public comment, see below.
Meeting #5 Minutes 2/13/2017 Toll / Crebilly
Meeting #4 Minutes 1/24/2017 Toll / Crebilly
Meeting # 3 Minutes 1/10/2017 Toll / Crebilly
Meeting #2 Minutes 12/15/2016 Toll / Crebilly
Meeting #1 Minutes 11/16/2016 Toll / Crebilly

PC Mission Statement: To better understand the part the PC plays in the planning process.
The mission of the Westtown Township Planning Commission is to advise and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on issues of land use, land development, subdivision, ordinance amendments, zoning and the comprehensive plan.

Party to a Public Hearing Request Form Party Status Request Form

To Learn More about Party Status and Standing and what Contiguous Municipalities can do, read the two links below:
PA MPC Planning Series #7: Special Exceptions, Conditional Uses and Variances
Specifically, pages 4, 6, 9 & 15 speak to Parties and Standing.
The application for conditional use or special exception must be granted where the applicant demonstrates compliance with the specific standards and criteria set forth in the zoning ordinance, unless an objector presents sufficient evidence that the use would be detrimental to public health, safety, or general welfare. The mere possibility of an adverse impact is not enough. The objector must show that there is a high probability that the proposed use will generate a harm greater than normally generated by that type of use. For example, an objector cannot simply claim anticipated traffic increases by a proposed retail facility; it must prove that the traffic increases are substantially different from those normally attendant to the retail facility and will pose a substantial threat to public health, safety, and welfare.  From page 5.

Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code – 2015 Complete Document
Section 908. Hearings. The board shall conduct hearings and make decisions in accordance with the following requirements:
Go to page 79 to see 908(3) as referenced by Kristin Camp, counsel to the PC.

Section 502.1 Contiguous Municipalities
(a) The county planning commission shall offer a mediation option to any municipality which believes that its citizens will experience harm as the result of an applicant’s proposed subdivision or development of land in a contiguous municipality, if the municipalities agree. In exercising such an option, the municipalities shall comply with the procedures set forth in Article IX. The cost of the mediation shall be shared equally by the municipalities unless otherwise agreed. The applicant shall have the right to participate in the mediation.

(b) The governing body of the municipality may appear and comment before the governing body of a contiguous municipality and the various boards and commissions of the contiguous municipality considering a proposed subdivision, change of land use or land development.
From page 23 PA MPC

Toll Brothers, Inc. / Crebilly Farm Conditional Use Application, Submitted 10/19/16
Conditional Use Application as submitted by Toll Brothers, Inc.  This application is updated each time there is a Planning Commission meeting and when Toll adds documents.  It is a living, growing document that includes site plans; traffic, storm water and sewer studies; Westtown Township consultant reviews and much, much more.

Brandywine Conservancy Toll / Crebilly Review Letter, 12/14/16
The Brandywine Conservancy’s review of the Toll Brother’s, Inc. application.
‘The initial Conditional Use submission was incomplete.’

Battle of Brandywine animated map, by Western Heritage Mapping
An animated map showing Hessian Jaeger movement on Crebilly Farm to engage Continental soldiers at the beginning of the Battle of Brandywine, September 11, 1777. Click the ‘Contributing Properties’ Radio Button to see the movements right over the proposed development.

Brandywine Battlefield Preservation Plan
Produced by the Chester County Planning Commission and John Milner Associates, Inc. If you are interested in American history, the American Revolution and the Battle of Brandywine, September 11, 1777, this is something to read.

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission: Route 202, Section 100                              Land Use Implementation & Coordination
The DVRPC encompasses five counties in PA (including Chester and Delaware counties) and four counties in NJ.  This section of 202 runs from West Chester Borough south to the Delaware state line.  This development, as presented, will pose regional negative impacts.

Chester County Natural Heritage Inventory 2015 Update
See ‘Brinton’s Quarry Serpentine Barren, Natural Heritage Area #15, with a Global Significance Rank (p.35).  The Conclusions & Recommendations (p.49-52) are geared toward considering natural habitats early in the land planning stages of municipalities.  Item #4 is of special interest.

4. Provide for natural buffers in and around natural heritage areas – Development plans should provide for natural buffers between disturbances and critical zones of natural heritage areas. Proposed activities within the Core Habitat of a Natural Heritage Area should be closely scrutinized for potential immediate impacts to the habitat of elements of concern. Proposed activities within the Supporting Landscape of a Natural Heritage area should be evaluated for potential long-term impacts to habitats of elements of concern, such as water quality, or quantity degradation, or habitat fragmentation. Disturbances may include construction of new roads and utility corridors, nonsustainable timber harvesting, and fragmentation of large pieces of land. Storm runoff from these activities results in the transport of nutrients and sediments into aquatic ecosystems (Trombulak and Frissell, 2000). Vegetated buffers (preferably of Pennsylvania native plant species) help reduce erosion and sedimentation while shading and cooling the water. Preserving water quality in rivers and streams is important to fish as some species, such as brook trout and some darters, are highly sensitive to poor water quality. Sensitive fish are readily lost from streams when water quality starts to decline. Creating or maintaining a vegetated buffer benefits aquatic animal life, provides habitat for other wildlife species, and creates a diversity of habitats along the creek or stream.

BVA Our Watersheds
Brandywine Creek supplies the drinking water for the City of Wilmington, Coatesville, Downingtown, West Chester and areas surrounding those cities and boroughs.

BVA’s Restoration Plan for Radley Run Watershed
“Red Streams Blue” is a program Brandywine Valley Association has developed to focus on improving the water quality of impaired stream sections throughout the Brandywine Watershed. Radley Run is a “red” stream due to excessive sediment and corresponding siltation in the watershed.

Westtown Township Growth Management / Comprehensive Plan 2001 Update
One of two major documents that guides the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors in their decision making process on Subdivision and Land Planning.

Westtown Township Zoning Code
The second of two major documents guiding the PC and BOS.

Westtown Township Open Space Plan 2014 Update
A blueprint for Westtown Township’s Open Space, Recreational and Environmental Resources Plan

Westtown Township Meeting Minutes Archives
A searchable archive of all board and commission meetings of Westtown Towship.  Minutes provide an informative recap of these very long and detailed meetings.