Crebilly Farm Update 1/5/17

Dear Friends,
I am reaching out to ask if there are 3 people from Westtown Township who would consider reading some information we would like to get on record at the next Planning Commission meeting:  this coming Tuesday, January 10th?  Please email or call me (number at bottom) if this is something you would be willing to do.  It would be greatly appreciated and the information will have the most impact if presented by a Westtown Township resident.

I would like to take this opportunity to update you with regards to a few new resources.  I hope you will find them helpful.  Until now, I have not been a part of any group.  And to be honest, I have been trying to avoid creating yet ‘another’ Crebilly group.  But in recent weeks, I realize this is absolutely necessary and I feel morally obligated to do so.

Here is the new website:
Facebook Page:  CrebillyFarmFriends

The basics of the website are completed and we will fine tune the rest as soon as possible.  The website blog contains my entire email chain.  I will continue to send emails periodically and post them on the website blog.  We are including links on the website to documents with compelling historic and environmental information as well as traffic studies.  We will also include the latest news articles.  The site will be updated frequently so please check back when you can.  To help raise awareness and enhance speedy circulation of both, please ‘like and share’ on facebook when you can.  And if there is something you have questions about or that you would like to see on the site that we do not have, please reach out and let me know.

Attached is an updated flyer by a great group of women who have been helping the cause.  They created this flyer so that all of you can print copies on your own and share with your friends, neighbors, people at work, schools, grocery store bulletin boards, etc.  You may also share the flyer electronically via facebook and email to help spread the word and encourage people to attend the January Planning Commission meetings.

Special thanks to local reporter, Kathleen Brady Shea for her photographs
and thank you to Paige Worth Graphic Design:
This will be my last email until after the 1/10 Planning Commission meeting.
Thank you for your attention and patience.  I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.
If not you, then who?

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