Crebilly Farm Update 6/13/17

Dear Friends,
It’s just about that time again- the fifth Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers Conditional Use Hearing is one week from today:
Tuesday, June 20th, 6-10pm, Rustin High School
*General engineering
*Storm water management

The Planning Commission (with Party Status) has the two sharpest attorneys in the room. For those without party status that may have helpful information for testimony, please email your information to:
*Kristen Camp:
*Michael Gill:

I cannot stress enough how incredibly important it is that we, the public, continue to attend the Westtown Township Board of Supervisor hearings. Please do what you can to give of your time and be at the hearing next week whether you have party status or not, whether you live in Westtown Township or nearby- or not. If you haven’t attended a hearing yet, this would be a really good time to show your support and attend. It will help balance those out of town. This is so much bigger than Westtown Township. If this development occurs, it will change our entire region.

It seems to be a pretty typical pattern for Toll Brothers to sue townships and that is a fear of the BOS. We want the BOS to make decisions from a place of strength- not fear. We need to support them by remaining strong and consistent, attending the hearings and sitting in the seats. When the time comes, we want this board to hang tough and say ‘NO’ to this developer and not grant Conditional Use. And if in turn that decision means the township may be sued, then we need to show the BOS, through our support, that we are up for the fight. And that is massive public outcry.

Friends, please contact the following two sources:
1) R. Scott Stephenson, Vice President of Collections, Exhibits and Programming
Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia

2) Lindsey Morrison, Battlefield Preservation, Government and Public Relations
Civil War Trust/Campaign 1776, Washington D.C.
(202)367-1861 ext. 7230

I would like to remind everyone when the Planning Commission had their final meeting, thanks to all of you contacting the media and our massive public outcry, we succeeded in getting the attention of Channel 6 ABC News. Both of the organizations above have access to national contacts and national funding. Please ask what the Museum of the American Revolution is doing to help preserve the Brandywine Battlefield on Crebilly Farm. If enough of us put the pressure on by calling, emailing and writing, there is no doubt in my mind we will gain attention and elicit change.

If not you, then who?


4 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 6/13/17

  1. sent emails to both organizations. I would attend the meetings, but never in your area on Tuesdays.Following your posts……thanks for all your effort.  Teri D. Oxford PA


    1. Dear Teri,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to email those organizations! That is a huge help and I so hope others follow in your footsteps. Thank you for doing what you can- it matters! Warmly, Mindy


    1. Hi Jerry, Thank you for reaching out. For the record, I am not an attorney but my understanding is this: Party Status is when a group or individual qualifies, through either location or circumstances, to question and present testimony during the municipal hearings. If you scroll back in the dated blogs on this website, there is a blog titled Party Status after 1/26/17 and before 2/1/17. There is another blog titled Party Status II after 2/14/17 and before 2/21/17. Hope this is helpful. Sincerely, Mindy Rhodes


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