Crebilly Farm Update 9/21/17

Dear Friends,
Most of you, I am sure, have heard the saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” I happen to know first hand, this is absolutely true. In fact, it has not been uncommon for me to ride 12+ miles of rough countryside, on a sweaty horse prone to colic, traipse a mile out of my way through some nice steep, rocky terrain down to a river just so I can get my guy a drink and- naturally, the knucklehead won’t sip a drop. I find moments like those incredibly humbling. I am reminded how little control I have over most things.

Thank you, truly, to those few citizens who showed up at Tuesday night’s hearing. Well done, John Snook from Brandywine Conservancy, who clearly supported the argument to preserve our American Heritage and pushed to move the development further east toward 202, out of the Brandywine Battlefield swath. It was a very sparse crowd, indeed, and the emptiest, in almost a year of meetings and hearings, I have ever seen the auditorium. I thought I was growing numb to the disappointment of seeing less and less public involvement, but alas, my heart still managed to sink. There are only two more witnesses to present testimony, scheduled for the next (and possibly final) hearing:

Ninth Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers Conditional Use Hearing:

There are very good chances PUBLIC COMMENT may begin at the upcoming October hearing after the two scheduled, final testimonies have been completed. That means, whether you have party status or not, you will have an opportunity to speak on record, before the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors. You may not ask questions, but you may read a statement or make a comment. PLEASE BE PREPARED! This may be your last opportunity to voice your concerns regarding the pending development of beloved Crebilly Farm. If this particular developer succeeds in building the current submitted application, our American heritage, beautiful Chester County land, sweet country roads and pristine waterways will be changed forever.



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