Crebilly Farm Update 10/2/18

Dear Friends,

JUDGE TUNNELL DENIES TOLL BROTHERS CONDITIONAL USE APPEAL!!!!!   JUDGE TUNNELL DENIES TOLL BROTHERS CONDITIONAL USE APPEAL!!!!!  OH! MA! GA!  OH! MA! GA!  Upon review, the court concluded the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors properly denied Toll’s application for Conditional Use on four separate grounds.  Congratulations Patrick McKenna, solicitor for Westtown Township, for your winning arguments.  Your hard work, patience and brilliance has brought us, against all odds, to where we are now.  Thank you, truly. 
It is quite likely Toll will appeal this decision to the Commonwealth Court, but for now, let us relish in an unexpected victory.  I am shocked and I am relieved.  It is another log in the road.  For those that wish to read the court’s decision, here is the link:

Friends, thank you to each and every one of you, for the countless efforts you have demonstrated over the last few years to push for a better outcome for Crebilly Farm, an iconic landmark of Chester County.  Every letter you have mailed, every email you have sent, every phone call you have made, every post you have shared, every time you brought up the subject and spoke about it to another person and every meeting you made the time to attend- helped make this outcome happen!  Massive public outcry has made a difference in this much bigger picture.  And here we are.  Thank you, Judge Tunnell and again, special thanks to Patrick McKenna.

It is my hope, given this latest news especially, Westtown Township will jump on this second chance and work to negotiate a better outcome for the future of Crebilly Farm.  For the last two years, Westtown township could have put into place an open space fund that would bring yet another piece of the puzzle to the front lines for some kind of preservation.  They have not done so yet.  I urge you, Westtown Township residents, to ask your BOS to get on the stick and work toward creating an open space referendum for 2019.  Time is now and the power lies within you residents.  Perhaps just maybe, all parties involved will come to a more reasonable compromise between land owner rights, thoughtful development, preservation of our national history and the irreplaceable open space and nature of our beloved Chester County.  I will continue to remain cautiously optimistic.

Friends, you left no stone unturned.
You did not just talk the talk- you stepped up to plate and walked the walk.
We need to keep going.

I do think this momentous occasion calls for a little champagne…

Mindy Rhodes

4 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 10/2/18

  1. Mindy,
    This is truly great news!
    Thank you for your diligence and outstanding work and remarkable resolve in keeping the community informed and motivated.

    Bill Barrett

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  2. Mindy. Let me personally thank you for all the countless hours and I mean countless hours you put in pioneering this process which got all of us fired up. We never would have gotten here at all if we did not have you as our fearless leader. I applaud your heroic efforts. Your energy. Your spirit. Your compassion. Your leadership. And u are right. Champagne.
    We will continue to fight the battle at the next log in the road and use this as an impetus for the future.


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