Crebilly Farm Update 12/11/19

Dear Friends,

Tis the season to be behind!  My apologies for a rather tardy update.
Please mark your calendars for the first Board of Supervisor Conditional Use Hearing regarding the Crebilly II application:
ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, Wednesday, December 18th, 7PM Rustin High School, 1100 Shiloh Road, West Chester.
*PARTY STATUS will be determined at this hearing
*Whether you previously had Party Status or not, you must apply again, in person, Wednesday, December 18th, 7pm  
Party Status is when an affected party can gain legal standing.  For the Party Status form and more information, here is the link:
For those who wish to watch the December 4th final Planning Commission meeting regarding Crebilly II, here is the link:

Last week was the final Planning Commission meeting regarding the Crebilly II application and the recommended conditions for the Board of Supervisors.  In spite of the cold rain, it was a decent turn-out at the township building that evening and in my opinion, the group was mighty!  The conditions are essentially based upon three priorities:  township ordinances, consultant reviews and a wish list.  There were some great questions raised by nearby residents and the back and forth conversation between the residents and the PC resulted in 4 more conditions for a total of 58.  It truly takes a village and that is the kind of inspiring action that keeps me going.  See you next week!

If not you, then who?

Mindy Rhodes

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