Crebilly Farm Update 7/2/20

Dear Friends,
Success!!! Thank you, all, for a job well done! Massive public outcry worked- again! The July 8th final Planning Commission meeting, regarding Toll Brother’s Alternate Conceptual Plan (ACP), has been moved to Cheyney University in the Marion Anderson Music Center. I am pleased to report they have air conditioning, real bathrooms with real indoor plumbing, safe parking in a lot and not on the street and most important- plenty of space for safe social distance. Thank you, Cheyney University, for stepping up when no one else did and thank you, Westtown Township for hearing us.

Here are the details:
WEDNESDAY, JULY 8TH, 6PM-8:30PM Cheyney University, Marion Anderson Music Center, 1882 University Circle, Thornbury, PA 19342.
*There will be time for public comment so please come prepared to ask questions/make statements.
*Check-in details:

Here is the agenda for the evening (please disregard the old location of the meeting at the top of the page):

Click to access pc-a-2020-7-8.pdf

Lastly, here is a link to the Westtown Township Listserv; more information may be found under ‘Event Information’ in the lower right-hand corner:

Planning Commission – Toll/Crebilly Conditional Use

It is unclear as to why the ‘Alternate Conceptual Plan,’ which is being presented by Toll, has not been considered a third application and sent through the whole process like the two previous applications. (Crebilly II will hold its third Conditional Use Hearing Tuesday, July 21st, more to follow in a later email). I think all of this has been very confusing to people. I can only surmise that Toll wants to save time in an attempt to woo the PC with an ‘iterative process’ (which they should have done in the first place, four years ago) in order to still base the conditions of the ACP on the old comprehensive plan. But what do I know.

Friends, it is imperative all of us with able bodies show up, in person, to this meeting next week. Please share this information and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to attend. I cannot stress enough the importance of public attendance. It means everything. It means we are walking the walk, not just talking the talk. It means the township, the developer and the land owner have to answer to a greater picture- the rest of us. Showing up in person is taking action against something unjust to our community. The magnitude of this development, I assure you, is unjust to our community.

Thank you, truly, for your attention and dedication to the best possible outcome for this incredible piece of Chester County open space and the preservation of our American history. Seems very fitting at this point to wish all of you a very happy and safe Independence Day.

Mindy Rhodes

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