Crebilly Farm Update 7/12/20

Dear Friends,

Please forgive my tardy update from last Wednesday’s final PC meeting.  I have a lot of information to share.  Here is what you need to know, first:
TUESDAY, JULY 21ST, 6PM  Uptown!Knauer Arts Center, 226 North High Street, West Chester, PA  19380
*Those with Party Status are strongly encouraged to attend this hearing!


My profuse thanks to the fifty or so people who bravely attended last week’s final PC meeting regarding the ‘Alternate Conceptual Plan’ (ACP) in person.  And thank you to almost 30 more people who attended via zoom, at least before the technical difficulties became too much to bear.  Over a dozen people spoke during public comment with much deserved applause from the audience.  Unfortunately, sound was a real issue at this meeting, for those present and those via zoom, and has been at meetings past.  There was a tremendous amount of mic feedback and many times people speaking forget to use the mic which makes it very difficult to hear what is being said.  I cringe at the frustration of those who make the effort to attend these important meetings, whether in person or on-line and then cannot hear.


It pleases me to report at the conclusion of the evening, the PC unanimously voted to recommend the Board of Supervisors deny Conditional Use to Toll Brothers, regarding the ACP.  The denial is based upon three main points:
1)  The PC would like Toll to provide a full-sized roundabout that would accommodate buses and large trucks, instead of a mini (minimum) roundabout which is what Toll proposed.  The larger roundabout, which is considered safer and recommended by Township Traffic Engineer, Al Federico, would require Toll Brothers to acquire land from abutting landowners as they do not own the surrounding property necessary to construct the larger roundabout.  Mr. Federico continues to reiterate the burden of the conditions has not yet been met by Toll from his July 6th traffic letter:
2)  The PC concludes Toll is not in compliance with the updated Comprehensive Plan.
3)  The PC concludes Toll has not taken Article 1, Section 27 into consideration:


The ACP and Crebilly II application have been rather confusing.  The ACP falls under the umbrella of Crebilly II but is not an official application.  Here is a brief explanation I was given last week by a township solicitor:
“The Alternate Conceptual Plan presented by Toll was prepared in response to comments and requests made by the Planning Commission. It is not Toll’s preferred plan and as such, they would still prefer the Board to consider their initial application from August 2019 (Crebilly II), as their principal request. Toll stated that they believe the alternative plan requires SALDO waivers, and possibly zoning variances. The PC agreed to review the alternative plan in a spirit of cooperation, which Mr. Snook (the Township Planning Consultant) has noted is a requirement of the zoning ordinance.”


Here is the link to the video of the entire final PC meeting including public comment:


Latest Daily Local News article, special thanks to news reporter Bill Rettew:


For those concerned about the public venue with regards to Covid, I would like to report Cheyney University’s Marion Anderson Music Center was so clean and sanitized, thanks to its kind and devoted staff, I am convinced Covid does not stand a chance in that facility!  The evening was thoughtfully planned with sanitizing and social distance efforts at every turn.  Personally, I felt very safe.  The evening began with a heart-felt welcome by the President of Cheyney University himself, Mr. Aaron Walton, a real class act, dressed in a dashing suit and bow tie.  I only hope next time someone remembers to turn on the AC.  As I sat there steaming in my face mask, hopefully losing water weight, I imagined the township garage, quaffed in the scent of diesel fumes and decided this was definitely still the better option. Thank you, Cheyney University for hosting when no one else would.


A NEW CALL TO ACTION:  PennDOT needs to hear from the public.  Friends, please take the time to reach out to PennDOT and your local legislators with your concerns about the proposed development of Crebilly Farm.  Last October, I had an opportunity to address State Senator Killion, PA State Representative Carolyn Comitta and members of PennDOT in a meeting, thanks to the gracious help of Ms. Comitta, whose attention and concern over the pending sale and development of Crebilly Farm has been undaunted.  My main goal was to start a dialogue with PennDOT and the public through my letter of concern and a list of questions.  Though I was scared to death and shook the whole time, I was met with nothing less than undivided attention and respect by all.  If I can do it, so can anyone.  Please continue to politely remind each of the contacts below how important this issue is.  Tell them how this will negatively impact you and the surrounding area:  the dangerous increased traffic, over-crowded school districts, emergency services, increased taxes, etc.  The size of the proposed development is too large for the already over-saturated area and our American History is a national issue that deserves to be preserved and protected.


Here is my own letter I read addressing the group at the beginning of the October meeting; in case it helps, you are welcome to use any of my words for your own writing:


1)  PennDOT:  
Francis J. Hanney, Sr. Manager, Transportation Services Division
Engineering District 6-0
7000 Geerdes Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA  19406-1525
Phone:  610-205-6560
2)  Chester County Planning Commission:
Brian E. Styche, Environment and Infrastructure Director
601 Westtown Road, Suite 270
P.O. Box 2747
West Chester, PA  19380-0990
Phone:  610-344-6285
3)  Pennsylvania State Representative, Carolyn Comitta 
21 West Washington Street, Suite A
West Chester, PA  19380
Phone:  610-696-4990
4)  State Senator, Tom Killion
780 East Market Street
Suite 140
West Chester, PA  19380
Phone:  610-436-3320
For those in other townships, use this link to find your local legislator:
In closing, I will share what I thought was one of the most impressive and memorable parts of the evening, at least for me.  Public comment always makes the biggest impact on me personally, because so many of those speaking are living literally on the front lines and my heart goes out to them.  For the record, it takes a lot of guts for anyone to get up, walk down a long row to the front of an auditorium and speak into a microphone in front of a room full of strangers.  A spunky woman got up and spoke about traffic.  She had done her own study at intersections near her home.  She counted the cars.  She timed the lights.  She met Toll Brothers with real numbers and real facts.  I was wowed by her.  I can only hope all of us continue to follow in her spunky footsteps.  We must keep going.


If not you, then who?


Mindy Rhodes

One thought on “Crebilly Farm Update 7/12/20

  1. The traffic is already horrendous on 202 especially at intersection of 926. And WHY has there never been left hand turn signals at Smiles BLVD?????? You have three schools using this intersection.
    Where r these children going to go to school??? Extra teachers and school buses
    No one needs more houses in area

    Sally Stewart


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