Crebilly Farm Update 11/5/20

Dear Friends,

I am still here:)  Glad you are too.  I confess I did not attend the last hearing.  I cashed in on a long postponed hiatus to the mountains where there was no TV, no cable and no internet.  Only dogs and a lake.  It is, in fact, a miracle I have returned.  Recently, I have had quite a few inquiries:  ‘Is the end in sight?’   ‘Will a vote happen soon?’  ‘I tried to find something on the Westtown (township) website but nothing.’   ‘It seems Toll can out-wait anyone!’  ‘How do we counter ‘hearing fatigue?‘  

The word that resonates with me is:  fatigue.  Good word.  Honest word.  If there is one word I bet all sides at play have in common right now, it is: fatigue.  How can we not be weary?  We have been in this quest for the ‘best possible outcome for Crebilly Farm,’ in order to protect and preserve our national history and the surrounding community, for over four years now.  Over. Four. Years.  In addition to countless Planning Commission meetings, Board of Supervisor Conditional Use hearings, Commonwealth Court, PA State Superior Court, back to more Planning Commission meetings and currently more Board of Supervisor Conditional Use hearings- now let’s throw in the unexpected addition of a global pandemic, lock down followed by virtual most everything, social unrest, a huge political election and countless other stresses in our personal lives- it’s a miracle anyone is still involved with the pending development of Crebilly Farm. 

Yet here we are, despite fatigue.  After four years, I am still writing.  And you are still reading (thank you) and participating.  We will not give up.  We will continue to support the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors to deny Conditional Use to Toll Brothers.  This is what it means to be resilient.  And that is who we are.

*Additional hearing dates and times may be found on the homepage of  

For those who would like to view the latest Conditional Use hearing #5 held October 22nd, click on the link below:

There is a very big world out there I care deeply about.  Sometimes having no control over any of it causes me anxiety.  When I feel that way, I remind myself to focus on my own sphere of influence.  And whatever looms overhead, I remind myself I am only human and taking a break from time to time is necessary for all of us.  Go for a walk.  Sit outside.  Quiet your mind.  Breathe, cook, paint, sew, play music… whatever it is you need to do to regain perspective so you can get back in the game with a clear head.  This time in our world is tough for everyone.  Even people who have never before experienced ‘the blues’ are getting hit with depression.  This time of Covid will not last forever.  And this time with Crebilly Farm will not go on forever.  At some point, these things will end.   And we can look back knowing we did the best we could under the circumstances. 

Our silent presence during the virtually held hearings is not silent.  Every person in attendance is a counted number that matters.  And the message it is sending to all parties involved says:  You need to answer to us because we are here.  And we are listening and watching and paying attention.  And we will not go away. 

 If not you, then who?


Mindy Rhodes

4 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 11/5/20

  1. The best heartfelt message from you ever and there have been many. We are all in this together. In this time if fractured Nerves. Heads. Brains. Patience. Violence. Distancing. We are together as a family on this one. Abd it feels good to be United with a common GOOD PEACEFUL MEANINGFUL TASK. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who have rallied behind this incredible woman to carry on. Abd carry on we will. If not. Who will ?


  2. Mindy Rhodes;
    Do you have or know where I can get a copy of the present traffic study.
    I believe there is an omission that impacts its validity.

    Best Regards,
    Gary Beidman


    1. Dear Mr. Beideman,
      I apologize I did not respond to your last message to me.
      Here are (2) links from Westtown Township’s website I hope will be helpful to you:

      1) Letter from the Township’s expert, Mr. Albert Federico:

      Click to access AFC-Crebilly-Farms-Traffic-Review-20200129.pdf

      2) Here is the most recent traffic impact study:

      Click to access TIS-for-the-Robinson-Tract-8.13.19.pdf

      Here is the link to the application page from Westtown Township in case you want to scroll through:

      Thank you very much for your time and concern.
      Mindy Rhodes


  3. Thanks for keeping the faith! Where or where are Jimmy and Gaye when a good kick in the pants to young Robinson is overdue?


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