Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who made the time to attend Tuesday’s latest Conditional Use hearing, virtually.  After the zoom link address was corrected by the township, I believe we were at about 80 people in attendance.  Every number matters… so thank you, and your patience was certainly appreciated.  In the future, if there is a technical glitch or mistake made, causing difficulty to log on, please hang in there and continue to try.  Once the issues were corrected Tuesday, all was good to go.

Please mark your calendars for the next Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers Conditional Use hearing to be held virtually:


For those who wish to view the gripping, suspenseful, on-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting hearing, here is the link:

To briefly recap Tuesday’s hearing, it was a rough one, mostly due to technical issues, which is just how it is these days.  Neither side enjoys these hearings, especially via zoom and everything seems to take longer than it would, under normal circumstances.  Toll Brothers presented their last witness, Project Engineer, Mr. Jeffrey Madden, who gave an overview of the development plans.  A highlight for me was the cross examination of Mr. Madden by the Chair of the BOS, Mr. Richard Pomerantz.  Mr. Pomerantz has a gift of remaining polite while asking very direct and clarifying questions.  He frequently asks the questions I have in my own head and does not relent until he gets straight answers.  I like that.  The December hearing will continue with cross-examination of Toll’s engineer from the township and others with party status.  After that, the township will begin presenting their own witnesses.  So there is more to come for quite some time before the board will vote whether to grant or deny Conditional Use.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very safe and healthy Thanksgiving.  I realize for so many, the lack of a traditional Thanksgiving, surrounded by the mass of loved ones, will be very hard.  For those affected in that way, I hope you have an alternate plan to help fill the void.  Since nothing is ordinary right now, my hope for you is you will allow yourself to plan ‘out of the ordinary.’  I hope you give yourself permission to do something you wouldn’t ‘ordinarily’ do on Thanksgiving.  And may your plans include a visit via zoom or the old fashioned telephone with at least one person you love.  This too shall pass… it will be okay… and perhaps this year we can all look forward to more leftovers than ever before:)

Thank you for your continued attention to the best possible outcome for Crebilly Farm.


Mindy Rhodes

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