crebilly update 3/29/21

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your participation at last Tuesday’s hearing via zoom.  There were just over 80 attendees and recalling how lovely it was outside (as I personally had a hard time tearing myself away from my planters) I say we pat ourselves on the back for showing up. 

Please mark your calendars for Conditional Use hearings #11 and #12 to be held virtually:



*Please note the time change April 21st:  6PM

Last Tuesday’s hearing ended unusually early.  Westtown township’s traffic expert, Al Federico, completed questioning by the township planning commission, board and those with party status.  The township Planning Commission is lucky to have solicitor Kristen Camp.  Her questioning is clear, direct and concise.  She knows how to get the answers for the record and does it very efficiently.  Another strong proponent for Westtown township is Board of Supervisor, Richard Pomerantz.  He has a great way of cementing the details in a clear, direct and concise manner.  I hope to hear more from the other members of the board, along these same lines, before it is too late.   

For those who wish to view the latest hearing, click on the link below, hearing #10:

Here is the latest news article from Chadds Ford Live:

The upcoming April 21st hearing is a very important one, especially for those with party status.  This will be your one and only opportunity to make a statement, offer witnesses and/or testimony.  You do not need legal representation to do this.  If the board does not get to you April 21st, you will have an opportunity to present at the next hearing, May 26th.  If you plan to submit documents of any kind, please contact the township manager ahead of time so they can prepare an exhibit:

Westtown Township Manager, Jon Altshul:  

Phone:  (610)692-1930


Thank you to those with party status who have hung in there, through this long haul, and continue to be present.  You are a voice for many others who wanted party status but were denied.  Please consider reaching out to those without party status and collaborate for the upcoming April 21st hearing.  Those with party status who have not been in attendance for quite some time, please make the commitment to attend April 21st.  When your names are called, to be able to answer ‘no questions at this time’ (instead of a long pause of deafening silence) let’s all parties involved know you are present and paying attention.  That is the message we need to keep driving home.  Until. 

If not you, then who?


Mindy Rhodes

2 thoughts on “crebilly update 3/29/21

  1. Thank you for your consistent great work. You are doing an amazing job and I appreciate it very much

    Very truly yours,

    David Wiedis Executive Director


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