Crebilly Farm Update 4/28/21 A call to action

Dear Friends,

We are now entering the eleventh hour of the Conditional Use hearings for Crebilly II, the current application from Toll Brothers and proposed development plans for Crebilly Farm.  If you are not privy to the plans, please be sure to click on the link below and, at the very least, take a good look at the development map.  Imagine what that development will do to the intersection of routes 202 and 926.  While you’re at it, think about the massive development at Greystone near 322 and Toll’s Tigue Road development in close proximity to Crebilly Farm. Maybe take some time to drive through Toll’s Liseter development in Newtown Square and see what became of the rolling hills of Dupont land.  Imagine the permanent loss of part of the Brandywine Battlefield and one of the only view sheds left:

Public comment will begin taking place WEDNESDAY, MAY 26TH, 7PM.

*The hearing will begin with Toll’s rebuttal of party status witnesses; public comment will begin as soon as that is completed. 

MASSIVE PUBLIC OUTCRY matters now more than ever.  This is a CALL TO ACTION by each and every one of you reading this email chain/blog:  please plan to speak at public comment, no matter where you live.  Please plan to take the time to be prepared by writing down your comments to read so they are clear and concise.  You may only have four minutes to speak so please do not wing it.  Be prepared.  State your subject matter and why it matters to you.  This is so important. 

For those who wish to view the latest Conditional Use Hearing #11, click on the link below:

Here is the latest Chadds Ford Live article regarding hearing #11:

MASSIVE PUBLIC OUTCRY.  It is imperative all of us together overwhelm the board with public comment.  A vast majority of those with party status are not on the record as they were not permitted to make statements at the last hearing, only present evidence.  The reasons were not clear.  What is clear is that we have one opportunity to make a hell of an impression on the Board of Supervisors:  VOTE NO!  Do not grant Conditional Use to Toll Brothers.   

If not you, then who?


Mindy Rhodes

4 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 4/28/21 A call to action

  1. Hello, Ms. Rhodes –
    I live in Delaware. My family and I are concerned about Toll Brothers infringing (once again!) on our American heritage.

    My son, Blaise Glowiak, has been a reenactor with the First Delaware Regiment for several years and was at the BWBF living history event in September, 2017.
    He and the First Delaware were at Thornbury Farm for an event just this past weekend.

    What is the best way we can support the cause of saving this vital-to-our history area?

    Should I contact Westtown Township officials? If so, whom?
    I can also make a small financial donation to the cause if there is a conduit for this type of support.

    Thank you for your efforts!
    A. Medeiros


    1. Dear Ms. Medeiros,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful inquiry and your appreciation for our history.

      Perhaps you will consider writing to the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors by sending a letter to the township manager:
      Jon Altshul
      Phone: 610-692-1930
      For more information:

      Thank you also for your generous offer to make a financial donation. At this time, the best way concerned citizens can offer help to Crebilly Farm is by attending the hearings (they are currently via zoom) and speaking up when called upon. Your words in a letter to the BOS will be very helpful. If you are able to read that same letter during public comment May 26th, even better.

      Please reach out with any further questions and thank you so much for your efforts.
      Mindy Rhodes


    1. You are very welcome and thank you for your attendance.
      Attendance at the hearings and speaking during public comment are the two most important ways you may help the cause.
      Mindy Rhodes


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