Crebilly Farm Update 7/8/21 public comment

Dear Friends,

This is a reminder PUBLIC COMMENT will begin this coming Monday, July 12th, 7pm in person at Rustin High School Auditorium, 1100 Shiloh Road, West Chester, PA  19382.  This is it.  Monday night is now the time to show up in bus loads, speak up and overwhelm the board with our presence.  The evening could last several hours.  Please plan to attend for whatever time you can spare.  Something is better than nothing, so any part you are able to give will be helpful.  Bring your water, granola bars, a book- whatever you need to be comfortable for an extended amount of time.  The auditorium is large so attendees will have space to spread out safely.  

Please come prepared for public comment: 

*bring written statements and be as clear and concise as you can

*if you cannot be there to read your piece, perhaps you can have a friend read it for you

*please do not ‘wing it’ on the spot, plan ahead

*state how and why you will be negatively impacted by this development

*strongly urge the board to vote ‘NO’ to Conditional Use

*plan to leave copies of your comments for the board

For those unable to attend, please send your written statements to the following:

Westtown Township Manager, Jon Altshul:

Westtown Township Board of Supervisors:

For a brief recap of where we are and how we got here, click on the link below and scroll to the second half:

The first Crebilly application was denied Conditional Use by the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors in December 2017.  I do not believe that would have happened without the tireless efforts of all of you, through massive public outcry.  The board needs our support.  The board cannot say ‘NO’ if we are not standing in front of them, asking them to do so.  Please make the commitment to attend public comment Monday, July 12th.  One day, we will all be able to take comfort in knowing we did everything in our power to mitigate a disaster. 

If not you, then who?


Mindy Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 7/8/21 public comment

  1. To Westtown Township Board of Supervisors…as a resident of Birmingham Township I am gravely concerned with the developing of Crebilly Farms. This property of Crebilly …Farms is an area of tremendous American Revolutionary War heritage. This property should be evaluated by the “Heritage Foundation”… “Daughters of the American Revolution” and “American Revolution Battle Sites”before any development of any kind be considered….there is so little of this sacred ground…. It would be “Historic Sacrilege” if this land were used for builders to develop. There is plenty of land in this county that can be used for development…they don’t need these precious American Revolution Battle areas to use for building sites.


    1. Dear Ms. Sawa,
      Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns. If you haven’t alreaady, it would be very helpful if you could please send this same note to the following email addresses at Westtown township: and And if you live locally, please consider reading your words tonight in person at the hearing.

      Thank you very much.
      Mindy Rhodes


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