Dear Friends,

Good news couldn’t come at a better time (whilst living in the Twilight Zone) just days before Christmas.  Please strap in, I have a lot to share and I did save the most important part for last.  You may have heard this past Monday night, the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors granted funding to Natural Lands to begin the process of grant proposal writing for the conservation of Crebilly Farm.  The conservation of Crebilly Farm. The conservation of Crebilly Farm.  Oh. Ma. Ga.  This means Natural Lands Conservancy has a willing landowner to work with and will hopefully come to an agreement of conservation of the ENTIRE FARM.  Needless to say, this is a very exciting and delicate process of negotiations between both parties and will take many many months.  I have tremendous confidence in the professionals involved and I absolutely trust in the process. 

In the past, when asked about monetary donations to save Crebilly Farm, I have told others when the time comes, I will let you know when and where you can safely donate your hard-earned money to a reputable source with a 501-c3 (not for profit).  We are not quite there yet, but we are getting closer and when the time comes, the reputable source with a 501-c3 is Natural Lands.  So please keep this in mind down the road.  Natural Lands is in the process of putting together a page on their website, specifically for Crebilly Farm donations.  When that is up and running and they are ready to receive, I will gladly let you know.  No contribution will be too small- every single penny will be helpful in conservation of Crebilly Farm.  

Though we are only in the beginning stages of conservation efforts, thanks to the recommendation of Westtown Supervisor, Scott Yaw, there are some ways the public can help now.  Please consider taking the time to write to State Representative Dianne Herrin (who attended Monday night’s meeting in person), our Chester County Commissioners and State Senator, John Kane.  In your writing, please express why you think it is so important to preserve the land and history of Crebilly Farm:

1) Chester County Commissioners:  Michelle Kichline, Marian Moskowitz and Josh Maxwell
313 West Market Street, Suite 6202 West Chester, PA  19382  Email:

2) Pennsylvania State Representative Dianne Herrin

21 West Washington Street, Suite A, West Chester, PA  19380 Email:

3) Senator John Kane

381 Brinton Lake Road, Suite 3, Thornton, PA  19373 Email:

In case you wish to view Monday night’s meeting via the township youtube, below is the link; Jack Stefferud, of Natural Lands, made the presentation Monday night which begins at approximately minute 43:45:

Here is the latest Chadds Ford Live article:

Here is the latest Daily Local News article:

Lastly, Christmas day, five years ago in 2016, I took out an ad in the Daily Local News and wrote an open letter to the Robinson Family:

I do not know if they ever saw my words back then and I do not know if they will see my words here now, however, I am compelled to take this opportunity to close by expressing my profuse gratitude and heart-felt thanks to the Robinson family for being open to the discussion of conservation of their exquisite property and the invaluable history held within.  The more I became privy to the long line of failed development plans for Crebilly Farm over many years, the more I began to realize the many ways Westtown Township and our community failed the Robinson family, myself included.  You’ve always had every right to sell your land.  And you deserve to be fairly compensated.  We have all taken your land for granted.  We didn’t stop to consider the responsibility, time and expense it takes to care and nurture 322 acres of land every day, for decades.  You have shared it with many of us over the years by allowing us to ride our horses, take a walk and drive by your breathtaking, rolling hills.  Thank you so much for that.  I have learned many lessons from all of this.  And I promise from this day forward, I will try my hardest to make up for the road blocks I am responsible for in recent years.  I will help in any way I can to ensure you succeed in reaching a conservation agreement you are happy with.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this incredible opportunity you have given us. 

It truly is a Merry Christmas.


Mindy Rhodes

6 thoughts on “CREBILLY FARM UPDATE 12/22/21

  1. Very nice heartfelt letter Ms. Rhodes. I applaud your sincerity and honesty with the Richardsons will ultimately lead to a rewarding accomplishment for everyone participating in this really wonderful effort to save such a beautiful piece of landscape and it’s particular history. Thanks so much for all you do.

    All of he Best
    wil house


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