Crebilly Farm Update 8/5/22

Dear Friends,

It is imperative that I make the following crystal clear:  CREBILLY FARM IS NOT YET SAVED.  ‘Saving’ Crebilly Farm, meaning preserving it as open space for the public to enjoy in perpetuity, is contingent upon Westtown residents voting YES! to the referendum this coming November 8th.  I repeat: Westtown residents must vote YES! and pass the November 8th referendum in order to preserve Crebilly Farm.  Not voting at all is the same as voting ‘no.’  If the November referendum is not passed by voting YES!  Crebilly Farm will not be saved- it will be developed.  The developers are already lined up to pounce next chance they get.  If Crebilly Farm is developed, your property values will decrease, you will pay higher taxes and you will live with more traffic, more congestion and more pollution.  It will be ‘game over’ and we will all pay a far more dear price than the opportunity currently on the table.  That is the hard core truth- period.

*There are immense economic and social benefits to preserving Crebilly Farm as open space.  But please don’t take my word for it; please see the ‘Case for Conservation’ from ‘We Conserve PA:’

*Natural Lands and a new volunteer group of Westtown residents called:, will be hosting a Q&A meeting regarding the upcoming November 8th referendum:

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24th, 6:30pm, Radley Run Country Club (1100 Country Club Road, West Chester, PA 19382)

If you have questions or would like to learn how you can help, visit their website or email:

*Please see the latest July update from Natural Lands:

*Westtown Township will hold an informational meeting regarding the upcoming November 8th referendum; you can go right to the horse and get the facts:

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th, 7pm, Bayard Rustin High School Auditorium (1100 Shiloh Road, West Chester, PA 19382)

*Upcoming meetings (and general recap) may be found on the front page of:

The benefits of conserving Crebilly Farm will reach far and wide beyond the farm itself.  Voting YES! to the referendum helps protect what we love and value about Chester County and why so many people want to live here.  I can hardly believe it has been six years since the agreement of sale between the owners of Crebilly Farm and Toll Brothers.  After a long, time-consuming, expensive, uphill battle against all odds, we have been given a miraculous opportunity to save this incredible land that brings such value to our region.  We have one shot at this and one shot only:  Westtown residents must vote YES! to pass the referendum in November.  That is the only way to a happy ending in this very long saga.  If we do not succeed, if the referendum does not pass, then all will be permanently lost and the iconic richness, beauty and history of beloved Crebilly Farm will be ruined forever.  My what a horrific waste it all will have been. 


Mindy Rhodes

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