Crebilly Farm Update: Battlefield Video

Dear Friends,
An integral part of what makes Crebilly Farm so unique is that almost half of her 322 majestic acres is part of the Brandywine Battlefield.  That makes the potential development of this farm a NATIONAL ISSUE.  We need to make this bigger than Westtown Township, bigger than Chester County and bigger than Pennsylvania.  I think our country should step up and find a way to purchase this land so the owners are fairly compensated and we preserve our heritage.  We all have a responsibility to the greater good.  Gettysburg is the most visited National Park in the country and there would be no Valley Forge without the Battle at the Brandywine.  What if we drew enough national attention to Crebilly Farm that she was somehow made into a park?  Or at least part of her?  There has to be a better way.

*Special thanks to Ken Lawson and the Music Centre, Exton, PA in the making of this video.


Who do you know that would care enough about the history of this land and the preservation of the battlefield to stand up and speak out?  Who do you know in Washington D.C.?  California?  New York?  Who has wealth and power that would pay attention to this?  What Hollywood stars care about our nation’s history?  Robert Redford?  Sigourney Weaver?  M. Night Shyamalan?  Who do you know who cares about the Revolutionary War?  What about Ken Burns?  What about PBS and other television stations?  What authors can you send this to?  Politicians?  Who has a connection to former Vice President Joe Biden (Wilmington, DE gets their drinking water from the Brandywine, by the way…)?  What veterans’ groups can you forward this video to?  Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution?   Museums? Preservation organizations?


Please pay it forward by sharing this video in every way you can think of to help this cause.  Everyone knows someone.  Once it’s out there, who knows how far it may travel.  There is always the chance this will not help… but what if it does?  What if it does?  I’d hate to think 20 years from now, I didn’t try everything I could think of to preserve this irreplaceable piece of American history.


Leave no stone unturned!
Thank you,

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