Crebilly Farm Update 10/21/16

Dear Friends,

If you receive this email it is because you have expressed an interest
(or I thought you may…) in the pending sale between Crebilly Farm
and Toll Brothers.  You may ask me to remove you from the list at any
time.  I attended the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
last Monday, 10/17 and the Planning Commission meeting this past
Wednesday, 10/19.  As of that time, plans have yet to be submitted
from Toll Brothers but they are expected any day now.

MASSIVE PUBLIC OUTCRY is our best strategy for change.  Power lies
within our voices.  When the meetings with Toll begin, we need to show
up and speak up.  In the meantime, if the Board of Supervisors isn’t
proactive in advocating for their residents, then advocate for
yourselves.  Here is what we can all do right now, free of charge and
no matter what township you are in:

1)  Inundate the township offices, county offices and politicians with
as many phone calls, emails and letters as you can asking:  “What are
you going to do about the pending sale between Crebilly Farm and Toll
Brothers?  Toll Brothers will destroy our historic land and build
high-density housing in an already saturated area.”  Leave your name
and phone number.  Leave a message if you get voice mail.  Keep a log
as to whom you call, when you call and if you receive a call back.  I
would leave these messages during the day, the evenings and weekends
so that their voice mails are completely full every morning they come
into their offices.  Be polite and be relentless.  Make it part of
your daily routine and keep it up- until.

2)  Tell your friends.  I am shocked so many locals are not aware of
this pending sale.  This kind of change will effect all of us.
Forward this email to as many concerned citizens as you can whether
they are in Westtown Township or not.

3)  Be informed.  Please read and check out the links below if you
haven’t already:

A. News articles on the subject
B. Current organizations concerned about the same subject
C. List of government contacts to call (see attached word doc)
D. This is a link to the 2001 Westtown Township Comprehensive Plan,
the most current plan available.  It was recommended by the Chair of
the Westtown Planning Commission to read it and educate ourselves so
we will understand the process better once it is in motion.  This is
the plan that Toll will be using.
E. If you haven’t signed the on-line petition, please do.

Thank you for your concern and help… it takes a village.  Please
contact me anytime with questions and/or concerns and other ideas.
Mindy Rhodes


SCOWT Stop Commercialization of Westtown Township:

Neighbors for Crebilly:

Save Crebilly Farm:

C. (See Word Doc. attachment)



Mindy Rhodes

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