Crebilly Farm Update 10/25/16


Dear Friends,

I wanted to share the latest news I have learned about the pending
sale between Crebilly Farm and Toll Brothers.  Toll submitted an
application to Westtown Township late yesterday afternoon.  A ‘special
meeting’ (meaning no other items than Toll on the agenda) is currently
being scheduled where Toll will present their plans to the Westtown
Planning Commission and public.  Afterward, there will be time for Q&A
from the public.  Time and location are currently being determined and
I am told there will be plenty of public notice.  I will let you know
when I hear more.

Yesterday early afternoon, I had a very nice conversation with Brian
O’Leary, Executive Director of Chester County Planning Commission.  He
urged me to continue advocating for the historic ground located on
Crebilly Farm and hoped that Westtown Township, Board of Supervisors,
would push Toll to build closest to 202 and preserve as much of the
land as they can.  The township has the power to push.  In my opinion,
the Board of Supervisors is disturbingly passive when it comes to the
most important matters of their residents.

Now would be a very good time for residents of Westtown Township and
surrounding concerned citizens to phone any and all politicians,
county officials and historic commissions in preparation for the
upcoming meeting with Toll.

Leave no stone unturned.
Thank you,

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