Crebilly Farm Update 11/20/16

Dear Friends,
Thank you for the turnout last Wednesday evening.  Published reports estimate about 250 people attended out of 405 seats.
The next Planning Commission Meeting will be held Thursday, December 15th, 6:30PM
We have to keep this attendance going- and we need MORE people to show up!!!  One of the commissioners praised the group on their attendance and asked us to keep it up.  The commission needs a packed house.  There will only be 2 more meetings after the above date with the Planning Commission before Toll plans go to the Board of Supervisors for the Conditional Use Hearing.  Here is the link to plans presented this past Wednesday by Toll:
Latest news article links:
We need to put pressure on the Board of Supervisors.  ‘Neighbors for Crebilly’ touched on this in a recent facebook post and I couldn’t agree more. It is my hope Westtown Residents will attend the Board of Supervisor Meetings and voice their concerns regarding Toll Brothers during the non-agenda part of the meetings. I would find 4-5 people for every meeting that are willing to step up and speak up,  Next Meeting is TOMORROW:  Monday, November 21st, 7:30.  For those that wish to be notified of upcoming meetings, visit and click on box at top of page that says ’email alerts.’
The following offices could use your persuasive phone calls and messages regarding your concerns over the development of Crebilly Farm and loss of the Brandywine Battlefield:
1)  Civil War Trust, Washington, D.C (
Contact:  Lindsey Morrison (202)367-1861 ext. 7230
2)  Preservation Pennsylvania (
Contact:  Mindy Crawford (717)234-2310
Neighbors for Crebilly has started an email chain.  If you would like to receive emails from that group, email them at:
Thank you so much for your support.
Leave no stone unturned.

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