Crebilly Farm Update 11/11/16


Dear Friends,
I would like to share some thoughts in anticipation of the upcoming meeting of the Westtown Township Planning Commission and development presentation by Toll Brothers. The greatest asset, in working to preserve what we can of Crebilly Farm, lies within each of us: we need to show up. There is only one chance to make a first impression and here is what I would like us to impress upon Toll Brothers: I want us to ‘wow’ this developer with a sea of people who care about this land.

There are 405 seats in the auditorium of Stetson Middle School. EVERY SINGLE CHAIR needs to be filled at this upcoming meeting. Weeks ago, I handed out about 200 flyers in the nearby neighborhoods of Crebilly Farm to try to fill the Westtown Township meeting room the following week. The room seats 80; maybe 30 people showed up. At the time, it was enough to make an impression. This time, we need an overflow crowd of people. That is what will have an impression on Toll Brothers.

Here is what you can do to help in the days to come:

1) Designate or be a Block Captain in your neighborhood; choose 10-15 homes that you are going to take a walk to this weekend (the weather is supposed to be beautiful), knock on your neighbor’s door, and ask them to join you at the Wednesday meeting.

2) Childcare: team up and see if there are 1 or 2 homes within your block that will agree to watch kids for a few hours so more parents can attend the meeting

3) Car pool: check in with those less mobile; offer a lift to and from the meeting

I am so happy to report that the mass of phone calls and emails made by many of you to county officials, politicians, state officials and even Washington D.C have made a difference and continue to do so! Good for all of you! See this latest article in Chadds Ford Live:…/toll-brothers-to-unveil-plans-…/

The Planning Commission wants to hear from you on Wednesday. They need your input. Voice your concerns, ask questions and be concise. I will share a little saying someone said to me years ago: “You catch more bees with honey.” It is easy to lash out when things seem unjust. I am pretty sure the Toll reps do not have horns and fangs. They too, are human and many have families of their own. Work that to your advantage as you choose your words and try to appeal to their heartstrings. It is much easier to listen to a respectful person and we all want to be heard.

For information on how to engage in a public comment at a township meeting, click on the link below and scroll to page two:…/u…/2015/12/2016-11-07-agenda.pdf

Please spread the word and forward this email to your friends. I welcome people to contact me for any reason.
Looking forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday.

If not you, then who?


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