Crebilly Farm Update 12/18/16


Dear Friends,

Last Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting was well attended in spite of the cold wind and busy time of year, but there were still empty seats in the room.  I thought the Chair of the Westtown Planning Commission, Dick Pomerantz, did a great job leading the meeting. The night included the following presentations by Westttown Township:

1) Sean Moir, of Western Heritage Mapping, presented troop movement during the Battle of the Brandywine on Crebilly Farm.

2) David Walter, of Westtown Township Historic Commission, gave a presentation of the existing buildings on Crebilly Farm and their historic value.

Toll CU – WTHC Historical Aspects of Crebilly Report (2016-10)

3) John Snook, of Brandywine Conservancy, presented recommendations to Toll with regards to preservation of the Battlefield, changing the design to include open space, discussion of the connector road and walking path and pushing the development closer to 202.

Toll CU – Brandywine Conservancy review letter (2016-12-14)

4) I am happy to report, the Chester County Planning Commission has been actively involved with the Westtown Township Planning Commission, has reviewed the application and made the following recommendations to the township and Toll:

Toll CU – Chester County Planning Commission review letter (2016-12-07)

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming January Planning Commission meeting dates:

Tuesday, 1/10, 6:30 Rustin High School Auditorium
Tuesday, 1/24, 6:30 Rustin High School Auditorium

There is a chance this location may be changed.  I will keep you posted or you can sign up for direct notifications from Westtown Township by clicking on ‘Get Email Alerts’ at the top of the website:  Also, Chris Patriarca, Township Planning and Zoning Officer of Westtown Township, encourages people to reach out to him directly with questions:  (610)692-1930 or
More to come later this week.  Thank you for your continued support.

Together, we are truly making a difference.

Thank  you,


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