Crebilly Farm Update 12/12/16


Dear Friends,
A reminder the next Planning Commission meeting with Toll Brothers is scheduled for this Thursday, 6:30pm, Stetson Middle School.  The Westtown Historic Commission will make their presentation.  I realize this is a very busy time of year for everyone and as I think I may have mentioned before, I do not think it is an accident that Toll Brothers has decided to present their plans through the entire holiday season.  Just like I do not think it was an accident the last meeting was right before Thanksgiving and their very first ‘last minute’ meeting with the Westtown BOS was right before the 4th of July holiday.  It is imperative we show up and fill the auditorium!!!  There are 405 seats… please do what you can to attend.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming January Planning Commission meeting dates:
Tuesday, 1/10, 6:30 Rustin High School Auditorium
Tuesday, 1/24, 6:30 Rustin High School Auditorium

Latest news articles:

Lastly, please see the attached flyer created by a group of ‘Wonder Women’ who have rallied together in nearby townships to help the cause.  They recommend each of us print 10 and hand out to let others know about the upcoming Planning Commission meetings.

Thank you very much for your continued support.
Leave no stone unturned!


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