Crebilly Farm Update 1/12/17

Dear Friends,

I am still in awe when I think of the mass turnout for the latest PC meeting.  At least for myself, I must admit- it was thrilling to watch the mechanical room divider raised as the crowd quickly outgrew the originally designated space!  I gently remind you:  MASSIVE PUBLIC OUTCRY is our greatest ally against this unreasonable, proposed development.  If we do not continue to show up, there is no reason for the township to say ‘no.’  I also recall a moment from Tuesday evening, during the brief break, I looked around the room and thought:  pretty neat all these people are engaging with each other instead of on their cell phones.  There were many nearby community groups that had banded together through their HOA’s, neighbors, friends and townships.  I found it all incredibly inspiring.  Thank you, thank you- to every single person who made the time to be there.  And if you couldn’t be there, that’s okay because I know you’ll make it to the next one:)  Even if you can only devote an hour- every little bit helps.


1)Tuesday, January 24th, 6:30PM Rustin High School
*Fiscal impact, planning, storm water management and time for public comment

2)February 8th or 9th; date, time and location TBD
*Planning Commission recommendations 

There were two presentations made Tuesday, 1/10, by consultants for the township.  Each presenter made it clear to the public that the reports from Toll are incomplete and much more content is needed.

1) Bill Malin of Carroll Engineering, Sewer Review Letter:
Toll – CU Carroll Sewer review letter (2017-01-06)

2) Al Federico of Kimley-Horn, Traffic Engineering Review:
Toll – CU Kimley-Horn Traffic Engineering review letter (2016-12-27)

I look forward to all of us coming together for the next Planning Commission meeting on the 24th.  Scheduling will begin soon for the Board of Supervisors hearings which we will post as soon as we learn those dates.  The hearings will most likely be held once a month and could easily take nine months or more.  We consider a ‘website in motion’ so please check back as we add info and make changes on a regular basis.

To be very clear:  public attendance at the BOS hearings will be even more crucial.  This is one of those times in life I urge you to try your very hardest to prepare to strap in for the long haul.  I urge you to continue to have the courage of your conviction and remain committed to this ongoing fight for what is so important to each of us:  to fiercely protect and preserve our open space, our history of the Revolutionary War, our wildlife and streams, our country back roads, the welfare of our children… our children’s children and most of all, our own integrity.

If not you, then who?
Thank you.

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