Crebilly Farm Update: Party Status


*be present at the FIRST MEETING, FEBRUARY 22ND of the BOS Hearings (the BOS makes this decision)
*own property in close proximity to the proposed development
*demonstrate the direct impact of the development (in a legal sense)
*you may be either an individual or part of an organization (ie. HOA)
*you do not need to be represented by counsel

Link to PA Municipalities Planning Code:, 908.3 is on page 76 (copied below)

Section 908. Hearings. The board shall conduct hearings and make decisions in accordance with the following requirements:

(3) The parties to the hearing shall be the municipality, any person affected by the application who has made timely appearance of record before the board, and any other person including civic or community organizations permitted to appear by the board. The board shall have power to require that all persons who wish to be considered parties enter appearances in writing on forms provided by the board for that purpose.

2 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update: Party Status

  1. Hi Mindy. How does a resident of Birmingham twp who is not part of HOA, demonstrate legally the impact on us? Our family is against the development of Crebilly for many reasons that have been brought up already (traffic, destroying beautiful scenery, potentially disturbing historic battlefield land etc) I attended the last two meetings at Rustin and will do my part to make my voice heard. I don’t know how to do so “legally” so if there is something more I should be doing, please share your thoughts. Thank you. Katy C.

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  2. Dear Katy,
    Thank you for the very thoughtful inquiry. You ask a great question! I am sorry I do not have an answer for you but I will gladly share my thoughts. You can still advocate for yourself and your family without ‘party status.’ You can still be part of the process by attending the meetings and speaking during public comments at the end. Here are two sources I can think of for you to pose the same question:
    1) I would first reach out to Chris Patriarca, Planning and Zoning Officer of Westtown Township, and ask him your question. I cannot say enough nice things about him; he is very approachable and explains things well. I would try calling him first (610)692-1930, emailing second: and if he does not have the answer, I am confident he will know who to talk to.
    2) I see you live in Radley Run. I am guessing you live in a part without an HOA? I would still contact the HOA of Radley Run (I believe the president spoke briefly Tuesday evening) and ask him your question. He spoke about the water shed Tuesday evening and I thought he was right on.

    I hope this is somewhat helpful… I am not an expert and would never want to lead you astray. Hopefully both of those resources can point you in the right direction to a solid answer!


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