Crebilly Farm Update 2/1/17

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much to those who have called and emailed asking:  What can I do to help?  To be clear, there is nothing more important, at this time, than your attendance at the PC and BOS meetings.  In addition, I am happy to provide some ideas.  Since early October 2016, my number one goal for Crebilly Farm has not changed:  RAISE AWARENESS.  When I think of those two words by themselves, to be honest, it sounds silly to me.  Yet some of what I have learned over the last four months is that one should never assume ‘everyone’ is clued in to the facts.  And I believe that helping to connect others is a great way to raise awareness.  By doing that and spreading knowledge, it creates its own power.  And when you repeat it over and over with more and more people, it begins to take on a life of its own.  So, I am going to resurrect some ideas from emails I wrote months ago as well as include new actions needed.  I will do my best to include these ideas in some upcoming emails/blogs without bombarding people with too much at once, for fear of losing their importance.

In late November, I had the pleasure of meeting Senator Killion at his office with Randall Spackman of Thornbury Farm.  The Senator was patient with his time and seemed genuinely concerned by the threat of mass development of Crebilly Farm.  I sent to Senator Killion and Senator Marshall (Wilmington, DE) the following message and information:
Regarding Crebilly Farm:  Toll would like to build over 300 units on this land.  If they
succeed, it will permanently cripple the area.  There are streams on
this farm that lead into Radley Run and the Brandywine River.  It is
my understanding Wilmington gets much of their drinking water from the
Brandywine.  Please see the link to a document from the Brandywine
Valley Association.

Please phone and/or email the following DE Senators and cc our Senator Killion about the threat of impaired watershed into the Brandywine River if Crebilly Farm is developed by Toll Brothers:

Please include the following two links:
1) ‘Our Watershed’ Brandywine Red Clay Alliance Watershed Conservation

2)BVA Red Streams Blue: Radley Run Restoration Plan

Additional information:
Thank you to Ray Sarnacki, of Westtown Township Historical Society, for sharing the following educational video about the importance of watersheds:

Who has a connection to former Vice President Joe Biden?
Who is or knows a member at Fieldstone Golf Club?
Who has friends and/or family that live in Wilmington?
Who has connections with businesses in Wilmington?

They too, need to know about the pending development of Crebilly Farm!Thank you very much for taking action by raising awareness.

Leave no fieldstone unturned:)

2 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 2/1/17

  1. Thank you for all the time and effort you are putting into this important issue. We live just off W. Pleasant Grove Rd. in the Arborview development. We have attended several of the meetings and will continue to do so.


  2. Dear Florence,
    I apologize for my tardy response to your thoughtful and kind message. I appreciate your words very much- and you are most welcome. It is a very important issue, indeed. Myself, along with many others, find it to be a more than worthy cause to lend our help to in whatever way we can. See you on the 9th:)



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