Crebilly Farm Update 2/5/17

Dear Friends,
A mentor of mine sent me this quote a few nights ago and as usual, her acute timing is haunting in a very good way:

“Nothing can be accomplished at once or by one man;

but it is the duty of everyone to contribute what he can to it” ~ Humphrey Marshall, 1785.

I share this with you because it has triggered a specific word in my head that has been nagging me ever since-  initiative.  We need to continue to take initiative by showing up to these meetings and doing what we can, in between, to help.  And you don’t need to spend a dime to do any of those things.  You just need to take initiative, and do it.

These are the two most important meetings to attend in February:
1) Final Planning Commission meeting:  This Thursday, 2/9, 6PM Stetson MS
2) First Board of Supervisors hearing PARTY STATUS:  Wednesday, 2/22, 6PM Stetson MS
‘Fly-Over’ Model
Here is the link to the slides from the fly-over model created by John Snook of the Brandywine Conservancy:   Fly-Over Model of Toll / Crebilly


We will include more information about this after the final PC meeting on the 9th.  In the meantime, please do not assume your township is going to ask for Party Status.  It is the responsibility of residents to take initiative, contact your townships and push for this.  Contact your HOAs and push for this.  Encourage others to join you in doing the same.


Here is a list of nearby townships that will be negatively impacted by this development:
East Bradford
Chadds Ford


Here is a link to some great letters written by residents and townships that have taken the initiative to advocate for themselves and others:
1)  Please call this man:  Jacob Adelman (215)854-2615
(He hasn’t gotten back to me…) This is the writer from the Philadelphia Inquirer who has been covering Toll Brothers Development on Jewelers Row.  Please invite him to the final PC meeting this Thursday.
2)  Please call the Daily Local News (610)696-1775 and ask them to send someone to the final PC meeting and write about it.
There is not just one path in all of this.  There is not just one ‘right way’ to help.  What works for one may not work for another.  I encourage you to find your own comfort zone in all of this and pursue it with an action of some kind.  That is a great way we can all help contribute to a better outcome.


This pending development of Crebilly Farm is so much bigger than any one township.
The traffic impact is a regional issue.
The loss of open space is a county issue.
The loss of the Brandywine Battlefield is a National issue.
The watershed will effect all those downstream and into Wilmington, DE.
Please take initiative and do your part to sound the horns and raise awareness wherever and however you can.


If not you, then who?
Thank you,

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