Crebilly Farm Update 2/14/17

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much to those who were able to attend the final Planning Commission meeting last evening.  And thank you to all those who took action and contacted the media and helped raise awareness.  It worked!  Christie Ileto, from 6abc News, reported a special on Crebilly Farm and the Brandywine Battlefield that aired at 10pm and 11pm last night.  And in today’s Daily Local, there was an accurate and well written recap about the final meeting.


The Planning Commission presented about fifty, specific conditions in their recommendation to the Board of Supervisors; a few of these were modified Monday evening to reflect additional concerns of the residents:
Daily Local News Article, 2/14/17:


Wednesday, February 22, 6pm
Stetson Middle School.
*You must attend this meeting in order to acquire PARTY STATUS
*Second email will follow about this tomorrow.


 Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the Westtown Township Planning Commission.  Here is the opening line of the Planning Commission mission statement:
The mission of the Westtown Township Planning Commission is to advise and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on issues of land use, land development, subdivision, ordinance amendments, zoning and the comprehensive plan.

PC Mission Statement

In my opinion, the Westtown Township Planning Commission has done an exceptional job, under the circumstances, to achieve the best possible outcome in this pending development.  I would like to remind people this is a group of seven volunteers that are all residents of Westtown Township.  Their dedication throughout this process has been apparent during each and every public meeting and also, in what I can only imagine, have been countless hours behind the scenes.  The conditions made to the Board of Supervisors clearly reflect the words and concerns of Westtown and nearby residents.

In the opening words last night from Chairman Richard Pomerantz, he stated:  ‘This is the most important meeting in Township history.‘  I believe that, too.  His candor, patience and even at times humor, has helped set a genuine tone for each and every public PC meeting since November.  Moving forward, it is up to all of us to keep the pressure on the BOS by attending the hearings that begin Wednesday, February 22nd.

This is not over; it is only beginning.
Please do not give up fighting for the best possible outcome.

Leave no stone unturned. 


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