Crebilly Farm Update: Party Status II

Dear Friends,

Here is some additional information as to how to acquire Party Status:

If you wish to acquire Party Status, you must attend the first Board of Supervisors hearing one week from tonight:
Wednesday, February 22nd, 6PM, Stetson Middle School

*To date, Pocopson and Thornbury Townships will be seeking Party Status
1) YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM and bring with you Wednesday, 2/22, Party Status BOS Conditional Use Hearing.
This is from Westtown Township webiste:  Party to a Public Hearing Request Form
2)  This document explains Party Status and how to apply for it; parties and standing begins on page 15:  PA MPC Planning Series #7,

Parties and Standing (an excerpt)

Section 908(3) of the MPC specifies that, in addition to the applicant “parties to the hearing shall be the municipality, any person affected by the application who has made timely appearance of record before the board, and any other person (including civic or community organizations) permitted to appear” by the zoning hearing board or governing body. The zoning hearing board and governing body are authorized to require that all persons who wish to be considered as parties enter an appearance in writing on a form provided by the zoning hearing board or governing body for that purpose. However, the form functions simply as a means to indicate to the zoning hearing board or governing body one’s interest in being considered as a party; it does not guarantee party status.

3) Here is an example of a Pocopson Township resident taking initiative and asking their Township BOS to seek Party Status for their residents:

Resident requests Township seek Party Status.

For those of us that will not have Party Status, it is important for all to attend the hearings.  Being present and facing the BOS in person is how we keep the pressure on- THIS IS NOT A DONE DEAL.

Thank you,


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