Crebilly Farm Update 2/24/17

Dear Friends,

Please mark your calendars for the next Board of Supervisors Conditional Use hearing:  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29th, 6pm RUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL.

Thank you so much to all who rallied their nearby townships to get involved and seek Party Status.  Well done!  There was a great turnout for the first Conditional Use hearing of the Board of Supervisors, of which the first half pertained to ‘Party Status.’  I thought Patrick McKenna, solicitor for Westtown Township, lead the hearing very well.  Toll Brothers used a large map indicating a half mile radius around Crebilly Farm as a measurable guide to grant or object to those seeking Party Status.  Approximately 20 nearby Westtown Residents sought and were granted Party Status as individuals.

Here is the list of some of the groups granted Party Status:
-Thornbury Township
-Thornbury Farm
-Birmingham Township
-Brandywine at Thornbury HOA
-Radley Run #3 HOA
-Westtown Village, LLC

Here is a list of some groups pending Party Status:
-Westtown Township Planning Commission
-Quarry Swim Club
-Pennsbury Township
-West Chester Area School District
-Neighbors for Crebilly, LLC
-Westminster Church
-West Glen HOA
*The BOS will confirm the pending parties at the next hearing:  Wednesday, March 29th, 6pm Rustin High School
*A few residents from Jacqueline Drive who requested Party Status were objected to by Toll (Jacqueline Drive is on the cusp of their map); the BOS will decide their status on 3/29 as well.

The second half of the meeting included two witnesses from Toll:
1) Land Planner
2) Storm Water Management
*We will provide these links as soon as they are available.

To be brutally honest, the BOS hearing made the PC meetings look like a gripping movie.  And the hearings are even more important.  I urge all of you to please do your best to attend what you can of these hearings moving forward.  These hearings will continue for months.  It is most important to be there in a chair.  Most of these meetings will probably be close to 4 hours.  Please do whatever it takes for you to make it work (bring a snack, a book, knitting- a flask).  Give yourself permission to leave sooner than the end.  Or come later and stay later.  I myself had to leave a little early this time.  I understand that thing called ‘life’ can get in the way.  Participation in this does not need to be all or nothing… just do the best you can.  And know that every little bit helps.

Thank you for your continued efforts in this life changing event.

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