Crebilly Farm Update 3/30/17

Dear Friends,

As I drove home from last night’s Conditional Use hearing, I came across the sliver of an orange crescent moon resting above the deep blackness of Crebilly Farm.  How peaceful that sleeping land looked.  And felt.  Just a little slice of orange on a black canvas.  Made me think if hope had a look, that could be it.  I would like to applaud the community for their dedicated participation.  Last night’s hearing drew a crowd of substance throughout the entire evening!  I thought it so great people trickled in and out through the entire night in their efforts to make this commitment work within their own lives.  Thanks to you, a revolving door of devoted citizens has been created so that if you were not able to attend last night’s hearing, hopefully you will be able to attend the next one.  And all of us will keep paying it forward, together.
NEXT CONDITIONAL USE HEARING:  Wednesday, April 19th, 6PM Westtown School, in the Auditorium 
The following groups pending Party Status were granted legal standing at last night’s hearing:
-Westtown Township Planning Commission
-West Chester Area School District
-Westminster Church
-Neighbors For Crebilly, LLC
-Quarry Swim Club


Solicitor for Westtown Township, Patrick McKenna, lead another good meeting and on more than one occasion, advocated for residents asking questions.  I am thrilled the Planning Commission has been granted Party Status and will continue to be represented by solicitor Kristen Camp.  We are lucky to have these two incredibly sharp and diplomatic attorneys on our side.


Last night’s Toll consultants, questioned by the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors and those organizations and individuals with legal standing, included the following:
1) Land Planner (continued from last hearing; now completed)
2) Storm Water Management (continued from last hearing; now completed)
3) Geologist (completed)


When I think of the continued Conditional Use hearings in the coming months, and the pending development that looms over us, at times it feels so big it can become overwhelming.  The up and down emotions, like a roller coaster of small gains and disappointments, can be incredibly draining.  Yet last night I found myself hopeful for so many reasons.  And I feel the need to remind people that no matter what anyone says- no one knows how this is going to turn out!

It makes me think back to the journey the Villanova Wildcats took just a year ago.  The little underdogs from a small college in our very back yard…  Jay Wright, through his humble wisdom, focused on one game at a time.  Had the team had their eye on the end prize, they could have easily missed what was right in front of them and never reached their goal.  So, I say we take a notch out of their book- one hearing at a time.  We continue to do our best to show up at the hearings, be present for Westtown Township and most importantly- keep going.  We simply, cannot give up.  After all, we are the people that have the power to keep that little slice of orange on a black canvas.

Sincerely yours,

2 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 3/30/17

  1. I remember running through the corn rows, shooting ground hogs, eatching the deer, watching Mr. Robinson practicing with his ‘coach’, & the fox hunters riding these grounds. Being in Fl. I can’t be there, but would hope this property would always be there to inspire others as it did me. Keep up the good fight. Feel free to use my name.


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