Crebilly Farm Update 4/12/17

Dear Friends,


One week from tonight will be the third Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers Conditional Use Hearing:  


These directions may appear a little complicated for those not familiar with this school but please don’t be discouraged:


The Barton-Test Theater is located behind the Upper School of Westtown (the Upper School is the large, old red brick building).
Westtown School has two entrances; you may park and access the theater through either entrance (East Entrance lot is larger).
There is no longer internal access to drive through the campus to the other side if parking is tight in the lot you choose.  You must drive around to the other entrance using the main roads, so please allow yourself some extra time.


GPS for Main (West) Entrance:  975 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA  19382
*This parking lot is to the right of the Upper School and faces the Science Building.  Walk toward the science building and bear left.  The next building on your right (next to the science building) is the Art Center and Barton-Test Theater.  Do not go down the wide stairs to your right as that is the Art Center.  Stay on the path at the top of the stairs and straight ahead are doors to the theater.


GPS for East Entrance (Lower School):  960 Shady Grove Way, West Chester, PA  19382
*This lot is just opposite (north) of the Lower School.  Follow the sidewalk in front of the Lower School and head toward the Upper School.  On your left, you will pass a dorm building, the Quaker Meeting House and a greenhouse.  The Barton-Test Theater is the next building on the same side.




Lastly if needed, there is another parking lot available from Oak Lane off Westtown Road.  That lot is just south of the Lower School.  Walk up the path in between the Lower School (right) and Meeting House (left) and bear left.  The Theater is just past the greenhouse.
In addition, I can also give explicit directions to the principal’s office as I spent much time there many years ago…
April 19th, Conditional Use Hearing agenda will tentatively include the following presentations by Toll:
*Historic resources
*Fiscal impacts
*Wastewater treatment
500 Ellis Lane, West Chester


Thanks to State Representative Carolyn Comitta, the public will have an opportunity to listen and ask questions of PennDot: Thursday, April 20th at Fugett Middle School.  The pending development of Crebilly Farm is a regional issue.  Please tell your friends living in nearby townships, the Brandywine Valley, North Wilmington and encourage them to attend.  Take this opportunity to speak to PennDot and voice your concerns about the impact a development on Crebilly Farm, of this magnitude, will have on the community.  Ask PennDot how they plan to balance the development of Tigue Road and possibly Crebilly Farm in such close proximity?  Ms. Comitta has pulled this meeting together for the people.  We need to show up and light the match!  PennDot has the power to push back Toll Brothers- if we speak up.


If not you, then who?
Thank you,

2 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 4/12/17

  1. Hi Mindy,

    As an out of state resident, I know I will have zero impact with your elected/appointed officials. How may I best support your efforts? Thanks, Steve


  2. Hi Steve,
    Bless your heart for asking. You don’t need to live nearby to help. When you have some time, please refer to the 3/2/17 blog and the 3/15/17 blog. There are some letter templates written by a local woman you may download, fill out and send to the contacts listed. There are also many email addresses to send the Brandywine Battlefield video to. Even putting that on your own facebook page or emailing it to others would be helpful. The Brandywine Battlefield is something that makes Crebilly Farm very unique and it makes this pending development a national issue. I believe if we continue to raise awareness, we will be heard by those who can make a difference. Who knows what could happen in the eleventh hour… we just cannot give up. Thank you very much for reaching out to help.


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