Crebilly Farm Update 4/20/17

Dear Friends,

Please mark your calendar for the next Conditional Use hearing, Tuesday, May 23rd, 6pm Rustin High School.

Thank you to the public for your participation last evening by attending the third Conditional Use hearing of Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers.  I counted well over a hundred people and so appreciated seeing others come and go throughout the night.  Good for all of you!  I truly commend those faces I see at most, if not every meeting.  Most do not have Party Status but continue to show their support by being present at the meetings.  Thank you- there is no second chance in this battle for a better outcome.

Last evening, most groups with Party Status were present and a handful of individuals.  However, those groups did not include:  Birmingham Township.  Where are you Birmingham?  This is the second hearing in a row you have not attended.  Friends, please light the match and put pressure on Birmingham Township to show up and advocate for their residents and those nearby!

In addition, it was a great disappointment to hear so many Westtown Township residents’ names called that had acquired Party Status only to learn those individuals were not present, yet again.  Party Status is a privilege many others wish they had.  There is a much bigger picture here than just ‘you’ the individual.  Like it or not, each of you has a responsibility to the greater whole.  Those with Party Status are carrying the torch for the rest of us.  When your name is called and there is no answer, you are not a neutral- you are helping the other side.  It sends a message to the developer that the people are either disinterested, fatigued or both and do not wish to bother.  I urge you to please use the power you were moved to seek in the first place, honor your commitment and be present at the next hearing May 23rd.  The rest of us are counting on you.

On a more positive note, I would like to share my personal highlight of last evening:  the cross examination of Toll Brother’s Historic Preservation Planning expert, Robert Wise, by Solicitor Michael Gill (Partner of Solicitor Kristen Camp) on behalf of the Westtown Township Planning Commission.  I would be lying if I didn’t admit I thought Mr. Gill’s cross examination of Wise was just down-right delicious!  What a brilliant example of knowledge, reason and quick thinking working all together at once.  I do believe our colonist ancestors would have been very proud!  Keep up the good work Westtown Township Planning Commission!

To briefly recap the evening:
1) Paul Scott, Geologist, completed his testimony in the first part of the evening.
2) Fred Ebert, Waste Water Engineer, gave testimony on behalf of Toll Brothers.
3) Robert Wise, Historic Preservation Planning, began testimony on behalf of Toll Brothers and was cross-examined by Solicitor Michael Gill.  Cross-examination will continue May 23rd followed by Fiscal Impact.

Lastly, a reminder, thanks to PA State Representative Carolyn Comitta, the public meeting with PennDOT will be held TONIGHT at Fugett Middle School from 6:30-8:30pm.  The public may ask questions at the end.

Thank you and see you this eveing!

One thought on “Crebilly Farm Update 4/20/17

  1. Yes, I know Mr. Wise quite well, having challenged him on a historical preservation issue
    in West Whiteland(I am on the historical commission board). Why write this. We lost the
    confrontation and lost a historic house to development. How and Why? Most of the
    commission was not prepared for this expert testimony . This is not an affront to Mr. Wise. He did his research
    and is very knowledgeable. The underlying defect in any historic defense is “defense of a historic
    entity based solely on its historic notoriety.” It is not defensible, alone, and although noted in a
    litigation, it does not the hold the entity harmless from demolition and/or development(lesson learned the painful way).
    Negative impact on quality of life, environmental defect, residential financial imposition , infrastructure not
    capable of sustaining vehicle and supporting burden of municipal services, and, overburdening cost of educational mandates,
    are the foundation and cornerstone of defensive engagement.

    In the end, Toll Bros, through its consultants and representatives, will provide an evidentiary illusion of environmental
    compatibility and preservation of historic resources, but, will result in the negative desecration of structures,
    the fallow, but hallowed ground. Being lulled into this mindset is the intent of litigants expert testimony, namely Toll Bros.

    To give a primer. Euclid Geometry states as an axiom, for a triangle to be TRUE, it is self evident that all sides
    must be equal to the total sum of whole. Applied to development of this hallowed VISTA scape, intrusion
    on any parts of the whole diminishes the overall appeal, integrity of retained parts, and “future” potential to
    provide economic attraction through heritage tourism and historical utility, which would better serve Westtown
    Township, Brandywine Battlefield and the townships in close proximity. WHY. No footprints(development)
    equals no impact on quality of life of its residents(21st century axiom in an area now developed to its “reasonable limits”).


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