Crebilly Farm Update 4/18/17

Dear Friends,

Here is a final reminder about two important meetings this week:


1) Third Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers Conditional Use Hearing
Tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 19th, 6pm Westtown School, Barton-Test Theater 
(See email/blog dated 4/12/17 for directions)


2) PennDOT Meeting, hosted by PA State Representative Carolyn Comitta
Thursday, April 20th, 6:30-8:30pm Fugett Middle School
(See link below; open to the public with questions/answers at the end)



In late March, I attended a lecture hosted by the Chester County Brandywine Battlefield Task Force at Radley Run Country Club.  Their keynote speaker was Dr. R. Scott Stephenson, Vice President of Collections, Exhibitions and Programming at the new ‘Museum of the American Revolution’ in Philadelphia.  I had the pleasure of speaking with him after the lecture and Easter Sunday had the opportunity to tour the new museum.  Anything to continue connecting the dots and keep the historic significance of Crebilly Farm in the forethought of others, especially historians.


I very much enjoyed the new museum.  It was a thrill indeed to see George Washington’s original tent in which he lived during the eight years of the American Revolutionary War.  I can hardly fathom its loving preservation all these years.  But it was the intimate room, of the Battle of the Brandywine, that tore my heart.  To see, hear, smell and feel through dry ice and special effects, that battle fought by our ancestors for their freedom and ultimately our own, reduced me to tears.  And there was the land of Crebilly Farm.



Thank you for your continued efforts toward preserving what we can of something so dear.  Please do your best to continue attending the Conditional Use hearings and push the Westtown Township BOS to hold this developer to the highest standards.


If not you, then who?

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