Crebilly Farm Update 5/16/17

Dear Friends,
I purposefully try to drive by Crebilly Farm every chance I get just so I can see her.  I suppose I find it comforting.  Yesterday, her rolling hills looked like a lush blanket of green velvet. And the wind sweeping over her fields of tall grass looked like rippling ocean waves.  I cannot fathom the loss of this land and history to mass development.  And I will not give up continuing to fight for what I believe is right, in this case.  I think if we were talking about Crebilly Farm being developed into ten acre lots, sad as that would be, I do not know if we would be here.  This pending sale of Crebilly Farm, between the Robinson Family and Toll Brothers for 317 units, is unreasonable and the bigger picture is being ignored by both parties.  The proposed development will do permanent damage to the history and welfare of this area and we are the ones who will pay the price, forever.

Next Toll Brothers/Conditional Use hearing is one week from today:  Tuesday, May 23rd, 6-10PM, Rustin High School.
The hearing will continue with:
1) Historic Testimony
2) Fiscal Impact
3) Traffic

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming Conditional Use hearings:
Tuesday, June 20th
Tuesday, July 25th
*6-10PM, Rustin High School

The collective efforts of all of you, those who have attended the Planning Commission meetings, those continuing to attend the Conditional Use hearings and those of you who have taken the time to email and write to politicians, officials and historians is making a difference.  I know it and I feel it in my bones.  Keep up the good work!  Send your letters and emails- again– even if to the same contacts.  Please keep your commitment to do what you can to push for the best possible outcome.  If we give up, we know the outcome will be a massive development.  If we do not give up and we continue to remain determined and united together, I believe we will change the outcome for the better.

If not you, then who?

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