Crebilly Farm Update 5/17/17 and Links to Contacts

Dear Friends,

This just in… I learned yesterday Toll has turned the tables for this upcoming meeting, Tuesday, May 23rd:
**After Historic testimony Toll will forgo Fiscal Impact and begin TRAFFIC.  
If you care about nothing else, care about the traffic impact.  If you drive route 202, if you drive 926 or South New Street, if you live in West Chester, if your children attend nearby schools, if your children play outside, if you live in North Wilmington, if you drive to the Jersey shore, if you drive route 1- please get to this meeting May 23rd.  We need to fill 850 seats at Rustin High School!  I urge you, and especially those with Party Status, to show up, be present and support the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors.  How do we expect the BOS to say ‘no‘ if we do not show we care through our attendance?  I gently remind those individuals that have been fortunate enough to be granted Party Status- please use your power and show up!  At the very least, be present to answer ‘no questions‘ when asked by the township solicitor.  It matters.  All of us has a responsibility to the greater good and there is no second chance to get this right.


In addition, for those who wish to help further, here are the links, again, to contacts you may email/write to.  If you have already done so, thank you- truly- and please do it again.  As I have said before, be polite and be relentless and do not worry about a response.  This is more about making sure we each do what we can to continue to gain attention through massive public outcry.  Repetition is a good thing… it says we are still here and we still care and we expect you to pay attention to this!


1) Here is the link to Glynnis Harvey’s template letters as well as a list of contacts:
2) Scroll down in this link to find nine email addresses of historic and environmental contacts:
3) Here is a link with press contacts:


Thank you again for your continued efforts.
Leave no stone unturned!