Crebilly Farm Update 5/22/17

Dear Friends,
A reminder that the fourth Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers Conditional Use hearing is TOMORROW, TUESDAY MAY 23RD, 6-10PM, Rustin High School Auditorium.

Toll will continue with Historic testimony and then move into TRAFFIC. Please do what you can to attend this hearing. I think I have prefaced something like this before: this is one of those times in life all of us needs to continue to make this a priority and show up. Focus on what you can give of your time, not what you can’t. This is not all or nothing. Be present for whatever part of the hearing you can make work because every little bit helps. These hearings will not last forever; there will be an end. In the meantime, we do need to stay engaged: UNTIL…

Please take the time when you can and click on the link below to read an eloquent letter written by a concerned, local resident. He has taken the time to address the BOS and the much bigger picture at stake with regards to traffic congestion and the immense, negative impact a development of this magnitude would bring to the area:

Click to access scan.pdf

Thank you again for continuing to carve time out of your busy schedules and personal lives to make the necessary sacrifices to show up, be present and support the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors. MASSIVE PUBLIC OUTCRY continues to be our biggest ally and we need to keep pushing back. The proposed development, in what we all know is an already over-saturated area, is simply unacceptable. Period.

See you tomorrow.

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