Crebilly Farm Update 7/23/17

Dear Friends,
TRAFFIC (continued) is on the agenda, THIS COMING TUESDAY July 25th, 6-10PM Rustin High School Auditorium for the sixth Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers Conditional Use hearing.  For the record, the auditorium is air-conditioned and the seats are quite comfortable:)

I hear people complain, on a regular basis, how awful the traffic has become in our area.  I couldn’t agree more.  And it has become increasingly unsafe for many reasons.  If you think the proposed development of Crebilly Farm will not affect your life because you do not live nearby, I urge you to reconsider your thinking.  The ripple affect will spill into the entire region.  Our country back roads are already over-saturated.  So much of society seems to be moving in their vehicles (and life) at an intensely accelerated and impatient pace.  I am horrified to see the number of people texting on cell phones while driving.  I marvel at the close calls I have witnessed on many occasions driving these very same roads.  Needless to say, the intersection of 926/202 is a heated topic, and rightly so.  And our back roads:  926, South New Street, Birmingham, route 100, route 52, route 352, etc. have become fast-paced, single lane race tracks.

For those not aware, here are some additional approved/proposed developments in close proximity of Crebilly Farm; all will affect traffic in our area:

1) 91 units on Tigue Farm at Tigue Road between route 52 and South New Street
Below is the response from Toll brothers in their traffic engineering review as it pertains to the pending development of Crebilly Farm:

Comment #6: Assess the magnitude of traffic associated with the pending Tigue Road residential development within East Bradford Township and include in the study if warranted. 
Response: The 91‐unit Tigue Road residential development will generate very little traffic through the study area, and is assumed to be part of the background traffic growth, as indicated in the revised TIS. C
To read more of the traffic engineering review:

2) 15 single family homes at Jacqueline Drive and 202


3)  A proposed development of 189 apartments at Matlack Street and 202

I am at a loss for words as to why public participation at the May traffic hearing wasn’t at maximum capacity.  Here was an opportunity for the public to make a statement to Toll Brothers and Westtown Township by being present.  The power of presence.  I would have thought all of Chester County would have been present.  I would have thought at the very least, all of West Chester would have been present.  I would have thought parts of north Wilmington would have been present.  And I certainly would have thought every person with party status would have been present!  Call me crazy but where is everyone?  Does it get more serious than this?  Where are all the concerned parents?  Where are all the daily commuters?  Where are all the cyclists?  How about the equestrians?  Volunteer firemen?  EMTs?  Wow.

I’ve always thought there are two kinds of people in life:  talkers and walkers.  For those who truly wish they could do something, this is the hearing for you to attend.  My hope for concerned citizens is this:  stop talking and walk- show up.  I hope there is a sea of bodies in that auditorium.  I hope the doors are over-flowing with people from all parts of our region.  Yes, it will mean you have to sacrifice something you would rather be doing that evening.  When I look at the bigger picture, to me, it’s a small sacrifice to make.  This is how we give the BOS the backbone to say:  NO!!!  And then take it to the next level no matter where that leads.

If not you then who?

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