Crebilly Farm Update 7/26/17

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much to those who walked the walk and participated at last night’s hearing by being present. I saw many loyal regulars as well as new faces from far places because they understand a development of this magnitude and its traffic impact will impair far beyond our surrounding area. I would also like to thank those who walked the walk- with walkers!!! Bless the elderly that attended last evening and stayed for the entire four hours!!! Good. For. You.

Friends, please mark your calendars for the next Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers hearing scheduled for: TUESDAY, AUGUST 29TH, 6-10PM at Rustin High School Auditorium.
At this point in the hearings, all testimony from Toll Brothers has been completed. The upcoming August hearing will continue testimony from the Planning Commission’s expert traffic engineer, Albert Federico.

The Westtown Township Planning Commission attorneys are certainly leading this charge and I could not be more pleased. In a brief recap of last night’s hearing, testimony (continued from May 23rd) was concluded by traffic consultant, Nicole Kline, on behalf of Toll. I thought Tom Haws and Carol DeWolf of the Westtown Township BOS participated well in asking great questions for the record. I would especially like to commend Planning Commission attorney, Michael Gill, for his fine cross-examination of Ms. Kline. Ms. Kline seems to be very well-groomed at giving testimony- many many words to get to ‘sort of’ an answer. I felt like clapping when Mr. Gill finally popped that balloon and got right to it for the record. And as usual, Westtown Township solicitor, Patrick McKenna, steers a good ship, always diplomatic, assertive and sharp.

All testimony from last nights hearing referred to the following plan:

Click to access Toll-CU-Exhibit-A-6-Sheet-4A-of-45-Plant-set-Plan-A.pdf

In closing, it was the sincere and very respectful plea, late in the evening, from an adjacent resident of Crebilly Farm that has stayed with me the most. A patient and very articulate gentleman expressed concern about how dangerous the traffic is, presently, near his home due to a high crescent in the road that can impair sight while driving. He explained his concern about the pending Crebilly Farm development and the additional traffic it would bring. I was wowed by the robotic and plastic response from the Toll traffic rep. I was wowed by the lack of compassion and empathy. The disconnect. This man is concerned for his safety and the safety of others. This is his home. He is a human being. Is there anything more valuable?


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