Crebilly Farm Update 8/20/17

Dear Friends,

Please be reminded the seventh Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers Conditional Use hearing is approaching in a little over a week:
Tuesday, August 29th, 6-10PM, Rustin High School.   
Please mark your calendars for the September hearing date:  Tuesday, September 19th, 6-10PM, Rustin High School.


Recently, I have received some inquiries regarding an upcoming fundraiser for the Neighbors For Crebilly, LLC group.  To reiterate, I am not affiliated with the Neighbors for Crebilly, LLC group and it is my hope to provide some clarity to something that is misleading to others.  The upcoming fundraiser to benefit NFC is to raise money to cover their legal expenses, not purchase Crebilly Farm.  The co-chairs of NFC and ‘Brandywine in White/Black’ are the same people.  This year for both events, they have appointed their own cause as the beneficiary of their own fundraisers to cover their legal bills.

This group has compared their efforts to Beaver Valley.  In the case of Beaver Valley, the land had been used by the public for years.  Concord Township residents did not have a voice and were not being represented during the hearings.  It warranted the need for an advocacy group with legal status.  In the case of Crebilly Farm, the property has always been private.  Currently, citizens are being represented by the Westtown Township Planning Commission, nearby and abutting townships, West Chester area school district, nearby HOAs, businesses and many individuals.  And the two attorneys for the Westtown Township Planning Commission, in my opinion, are rock stars.
Thank you and see you August 29th!


2 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 8/20/17

  1. Mindy,
    I am surprised to see the negative post concerning Neighbors for Crebilly and Brandywine in White. If you look at all of the posts for Brandywine in White you will find it very clearly states the proceeds will go towards the legal expenses and outreach efforts of Neighbors for Crebilly. As part of the group volunteering with Elizabeth and Vince and a resident of Westtown I am grateful to anyone helping in the effort to save Crebilly Farm. I became very interested after receiving the flyer you originally distributed in our neighborhood but, other than the lawn signs and the flyers our small group of volunteers at Neighbors for Crebilly have distributed on a regular basis, I am not aware of any outreach efforts by any other group. We are all working towards the same goal and I think negative posts only serve to hinder our efforts. I am sure Toll Brothers are probably monitoring the Facebook postings of both of our groups and tension between the two groups is just what they would delight in seeing. The only way we will accomplish anything is with mutual respect and a united front.


  2. Dear Ms. Gray,
    Thank you for your feedback regarding my latest email and I apologize I have offended you. I was aiming for clarification, not negativity, for those who have reached out to me in confusion. To be honest, I have received quite a few similar inquiries in the past regarding NFC. Any organization asking for monetary donations comes with a responsibility to be open, honest and transparent. If this was the case, I would not have written the email.

    Thank you again for your feedback.


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