Crebilly Farm Update 11/27/17

Dear Friends,
TONIGHT is the hearing for public comment: 6-10pm, Rustin High School.

We need MASSIVE PUBLIC OUTCRY this evening!!! This is our opportunity to stand up and speak up, for the greater good, and protect our history and the integrity of this unique land we call Crebilly Farm. Please do whatever you can to attend tonight’s hearing. Any and all citizens from any and all townships may speak on record this evening; you do not need to have party status. Please come prepared with a printed copy of your words to leave with the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors.

A sincere thank you to those who have already taken the time to write to the Board of Supervisors. I have printed copies of each and will submit them this evening. I will be happy to continue to print copies to include this evening if you email me by 5pm today.

For those that are unable to attend, please send your concerns in writing to the following contacts at Westtown Township:

RE: Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers

RE: Crebilly Farm/Toll Brothers
Attention Rob Pingar or Will Ethridge
P.O. Box 79
Westtown, PA 19395

As I reflect on the Thanksgiving holiday that has just passed, the word ‘grateful’ resonates within me. Thank you, to all of you, for not giving up. Thank you for continuing to participate in any way you can to keep the pending development of beloved Crebilly Farm in the forethought of others. This is far from over… we just need to keep going.

If not you, then who?

Mindy Rhodes

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