Crebilly Farm Update 11/28/17

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much, every one of you, who took the time to write to the Board of Supervisors for the record.  I proudly handed in a folder of your printed letters from those who emailed me.  Thank you to all that made the time to attend last night’s final hearing.  Over forty people spoke on record and some very good points were made.  Needless to say, the recurring message to the BOS was: vote ‘NO’ to this development.  The record is now closed.


Please mark your calendars for the evening of:
1039 Wilmington Pike, West Chester
**The Board will render their verbal decision that evening.
**The decision must be completed in writing within 45 days of the verbal decision; a copy will be mailed to those with party status and available for all to view on the township website.


For those who would like to view last night’s final hearing and public comments, here is the link:


Those with legal standing:
“Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law” are due:  5pm, Friday, December 15th.


Send to the office of township solicitor Patrick McKenna:
17 East Gay Street, Suite 100, West Chester, PA  19381
*You must cite to the record, the transcripts and exhibits


Thank you, again, to those who have continued to help keep Crebilly Farm in the forethought of others for well over a year.  Your participation on any and every level has been invaluable.  No part you have played has been too small.  I believe together, we have left no stone unturned.  Though I do not know what the next chapter will bring, I do know the power of the people has made a difference in this journey.  And your encouraging words on my behalf have been greatly appreciated and have helped keep me going.  I will continue to share what I learn.


I wish all of you a safe and very happy holiday season.


Mindy Rhodes

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