Crebilly Farm Update 12/26/17

Dear Friends,
In two days, THIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28TH, 6PM at the WESTTOWN TOWNSHIP BUILDING, 1039 Wilmington Pike, West Chester, the Westtown Township Board of Supervisors will render their decision regarding Toll Brother’s Conditional Use application and the pending development of Crebilly Farm.

I do not think it is ever too late nor do I think any part too small in contributing to a better outcome than by reminding the Board of Supervisors they have a moral obligation, as elected officials, to serve their constituents by voting ‘NO’ to Toll’s Conditional Use application this Thursday. Please make the time to call and email the BOS over the next 48 hours and remind them where their loyalty should lie: within the best interests of their constituents.

Westtown Township Board of Supervisors:

Please keep the pressure on; inundate the office with phone calls and emails… it’s now or never.
If not you, then who?

Mindy Rhodes

4 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 12/26/17

  1. People have enjoyed the beauty of this property for decades. My bus went past there every day in the 1960’s. I daydreamed for years about living there. Another housing development would ruin its beauty, and, I have heard, its environmental balance.

    Please keep this beautiful property for public enjoyment. A park, with picnic areas riding trails, a petting zoo. Sleigh rides in the snow.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, keep the houses off of Crebilly!!!!!!
    Ann Shiffer


  2. Please keep crebilly farm. It is a township jewel. Don’t let toll bros. Ruin another piece of land. Just come look at Byers station and see what I mean. Save crebilly.


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