Crebilly Farm Update 4/13/19

Dear Friends,

For those who have not already heard, the next court date for oral argument has been changed to MONDAY, MAY 6TH, 1PM in PITTSBURGH.  Yes, Pittsburgh.  So, who’s up for a road trip?

The decision to move the court date from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh was appealed by Westtown Township solicitor, Patrick McKenna, and sadly denied, leaving no other alternative.  It seems Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh have a week long, rotating schedule for Commonwealth Court and Crebilly Farm just happened to get bumped to Pittsburgh.  Because all parties involved were not in agreement to move back to Philadelphia (ie. Toll Brothers and the Robinson family), it will stay as such.

I realize it is a lot to ask people to make the trip to Pittsburgh.  But I’m going to ask you to consider it anyway.  Please, if you can spare the time and minor expense (if you have to, you can catch a bus from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and read an entire best-selling novel… or two) it is imperative we make the effort.  Consider a carpool with your friends!  A court room filled with concerned citizens can send a silent, yet extraordinarily powerful message.  At the very least, please call and beg your friends and family in Pittsburgh to attend.  It is that important.

We all know how powerful a picture can be.  If anyone needs a visual of how Crebilly Farm could end up if this development is approved, please take the time to drive by Greystone Hall off of Greenhill Road near route 322 in West Chester.  Take a good long look at that mess.  I remind everyone that Crebilly Farm is part of the Brandywine Battlefield and our national history.  How will it be when that beautiful landscape is raped and forever destroyed?  Those magnificent trees, decades older than all of us, cut down and gone forever?  The streams contaminated?  Wildlife gone?  The historic view shed gone?  If that doesn’t move you to action, then please try to imagine another thousand cars on our already over-crowded, sweet little country roads.  How much longer will your commute to work be?  What about the welfare of your children in the overcrowded schools?  Consider the cost and need for more police, firefighters, hospitals and grocery stores?  And where will more schools, hospitals and grocery stores be built?  On another beautiful plot of Chester County land?

This is what we are fighting against.  This is why we cannot stop, we must not tire, we must not quit.  We are the stewards of this land.  Each of us living in Chester County has a responsibility to make the effort, in whatever way we can, to help protect what makes this area so special.  And this is why we will continue to fight for a better outcome.  I applaud each of you for your continued efforts and supporting Westtown Township in their brave battle.

If not you, then who?

I look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh.
Mindy Rhodes

3 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 4/13/19

  1. Wanna a companion? I got friends we could maybe stay with.

    On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 7:19 PM Crebilly Farm Friends wrote:


  2. This is a political setup so Toll Brothers get what they want, plain and simple. If my work schedule allows I’ll be there

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  3. Best of Luck..
    i wonder if a bus..or two….could be hired for trip out….or find
    i gladly would pitch in $
    Other thought is taking train
    out… ,ride share !
    Best of Luck!


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