Crebilly Farm Update 3/4/19

Dear Friends,
I hope this update finds all of you well and faring one of the muddiest and messiest Winters I can recall.  I am reaching out to let you know the Commonwealth Court has tentatively scheduled an oral argument date of Monday June 3rd, in Philadelphia, before a panel of three judges.  Date and time has not yet been confirmed.  For now, please mark your calendars and I will follow up when I learn more.

A few weeks ago, I crashed the Willistown Township BOS meeting (because there is nothing I would rather do with my spare time- NOT).  I attended on behalf of a close friend and ended up witnessing an incredible display of local government in action over an issue with PennDOT.  A packed house and standing room only- residents used their power by showing up, asking questions and calling on their public officials to step up on their behalf.  And the people were heard!  As a result, the BOS decided not to vote on the issue until they have more information and decided to arrange a public meeting with a PennDOT representative for local residents.  What an awesome display of community action.  I left so inspired.

On my ride home that night, naturally, I passed Crebilly Farm.  There she was, quietly asleep in the black shadows and silhouettes of the trees.  And I breathed my familiar and grateful sigh knowing that at least for now, she remains pure and whole and untouched by man-made evils.  I remind all of you this is not over and we must keep going.  My sincerest thanks to all, for continuing to stay connected and not letting your attention weary of something so very important.

If not you, then who?

Mindy Rhodes


4 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 3/4/19

  1. Thank you..!
    we all sigh in relief with you..
    and thank you fellow citizens working to save Crebilly…


  2. Thank you so much for the update. I drove by Crebilly yesterday after fighting my way through Philly traffic, 95 South, the horrendous 322 mess, the jammed, packed Baltimore Pike through Glen Mills, onto 202 where it was backed up from Brinton Bridge to 926. This was at 3:45 pm. When I turned on to Street Road, headed home to Pocopson, I finally exhaled when I saw the fields of Crebilly. The open space takes my breath away every single day. I feel an imaginary line from 926/202. Once I pass that claustrophobic, congested traffic mess, I enter my homeland where chaos ends and countryside begins. I just say to myself, “ Can’t we please just leave something beautiful and sacred alone?”


  3. Thank you all who are working so hard to save Crebilly Farm!! For years I would. and still do, turn onto 926 from 202 to head back to the borough just to have a moment of serenity and to bask in the beauty of Crebilly Farm. It’s green rollng hills, the barn, the splattered buttercups in the spring. The sun casting it’s glow across the meadow-lending both shadow and warmth. The thought of its destruction or potential end is harrowing. My heart is breaking. God help us, please…I don’t ask for much. I don’t ask for much, but this time we really need your help.


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