Crebilly Farm Update 6/26/19

Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds all of you well and settling into the Summer season.  At this time, there is no new news to report regarding the latest court appeal that was held this past May in Pittsburgh.  We are still waiting for the Judge’s decision which could take several more weeks.

Recently, I heard a rumor that Westtown Township lost their appeal.  This is simply not true.  I am frequently amazed by the amount of misleading information and flat-out wrong ‘facts’ that somehow manage to circulate through the media and general public.  Social media, speed-news and the sensationalism of drama lack depth and accountability at an alarming rate.  The older I get, the more careful I have become not to be so quick to trust things at face value.  So, please be careful and do your homework.  Read the small print, ask questions and take the time to make sure you are accurately informed by reputable sources, especially when donating money.  You can always go straight to the horse’s mouth and contact Westtown Township directly for answers to your questions:  (610)692-1930.

Last night, I came home late and took the dogs outside for a quick romp before bed.  I was reminded why preservation of land is so important and why we need to keep pushing, not only for Crebilly Farm, but continued land preservation of our beautiful Chester County and the expectation of more reasonable development.  I looked up at the blue-black sky and saw no less than thousands of lightning bugs in the black shadows of the tall trees.  I watched in silence.  No sound of traffic.  No lights.  Just the sound of a few distant frogs near the creek in the shades of darkness and what seemed like a million sparkling diamonds.  Magnificent.  And I thought to myself, ‘thank you.’  ‘Thank you’ to whatever made me stop for a few minutes, take in my surroundings and enjoy the priceless things money cannot buy.

You have my word I will inform all of you when a court decision has been made regarding the latest appeal.  In addition, Westtown Township will notify those on its listserv.  If you wish to sign up for the Westtown Township listserv, please visit this link and click on ‘GET EMAIL ALERTS’ in the top right corner.  Thank you for your time and continued support toward a better outcome for Crebilly Farm.

Mindy Rhodes


2 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 6/26/19

  1. Thank you, Mindy for this post. We can sometimes take our beautiful county for granted, but we never should. This was a beautiful reminder. Thank you for all your hard work.


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