Crebilly Farm Update 8/19/19

Dear Friends,

May this message find all of you well and enjoying the last few weeks of one grotesquely hot Summer.  I keep telling myself at least I should be thinner by the Fall.  Personally, I can hardly wait for jeans, boots and hopefully a better looking hairdo.


At this time, there is no new news to report.  We are still waiting for the Judges’ decision from the May hearing in Pittsburgh.  Please continue to remain resilient and optimistic that the Commonwealth Court will uphold Westtown Township’s decision, like the Chester County Court of Common Pleas did, denying Conditional Use to Toll Brothers.  I will write to you as soon as I hear and I thank you, truly, for your continued interest and support.


The landowners of Crebilly Farm have every right to sell their land for profit.  I would want that same right for myself.  They have lovingly cared for and farmed this land since before World War II.  The reason the current proposed development of Crebilly Farm is such a big deal is because it is so big, you may as well imagine a small town on Crebilly Farm.  We aren’t talking about a lovely new neighborhood that would ‘blend in’ with what is already here.  We are talking about something so inappropriate and oversized, the infrastructure cannot handle it.  In addition, the land in question is part of the Brandywine Battlefield, from our Revolutionary War, the birth of our nation.  Crebilly Farm is one of the only historic view sheds left that still depicts the land, as it was, when the war was fought.  If the proposed development gets approved, the surrounding community and beyond will suffer the consequences forever:  the destruction of our national history, the destruction of unique Chester County farmland, our sweet country roads, trees, animals and our Brandywine River.  It will compromise the value of our homes and standard of living, permanently.


Part of how we got here is because Westtown Township, at the time of the agreement of sale (roughly June 2016), had an outdated Comprehensive Plan.  This enabled Toll Brothers to capitalize on an opportunity that otherwise, may have not been possible.  It is a great example of why it is so important each of us gets involved in our own townships.  Your elected officials are people just like you and me, usually with other careers.  Please take the time to get to know them.  And get to know your township manager.  Call up and ask questions- that is what they are there for.  If you cannot attend the monthly meetings, sign up to receive monthly updates.  In this case, something is always better than nothing.


There is such a thing as ‘thoughtful development.‘  A thoughtful development plan works with what is already here and takes into account the bigger picture.  We want a thoughtful development plan that preserves the integrity of the land, history and surrounding area.  Like any good business deal, it means compromise and in the end, every party walks away with something.  Together we are setting the tone for what we will and will not stand for.  I wrote these words years ago and I still mean every word today:  Our goal is to work toward achieving the best possible outcome.  This is how we maintain the values of what makes Chester County such a desirable place to live.  


Why?  Because if not you, then who? 


Mindy Rhodes

3 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 8/19/19

  1. I would like to thank you for all your hard work and efforts . I don’t want this historic landmark sold. The thought of another development in this already crowded, congested area is going to be a traffic nightmare not to mention how large will classrooms become. I hope your his judge realizes all that is at stake


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