Crebilly Farm Update 2/10/20

Dear Friends,
I have some interesting news to share.  Last Wednesday evening, I attended Westtown Township’s Planning Commission meeting regarding Crebilly II and Toll Brother’s presentation of ‘supplemental material’ regarding the 58 conditions the PC has recommended to the Board of Supervisors.  At this meeting, Toll Brothers presented an ‘Alternate Conceptual Plan.’  This plan is a modified version of Crebilly II.  The housing number is the same at 319, but the plan shows the development moved closer to route 202 and opening up approximately 80 acres of the Brandywine Battlefield swath.  There was also discussion to preserve the historic Westtown Inn (also known as Darlington Inn) by moving it away from the intersection of route 202 and 926.  This plan does not replace Crebilly II.  But it is being discussed in an iterative fashion between both parties.  Why it took three years to finally get to this point is beyond me.  This is what the PC has been asking for all along.

Here is the link to the ‘ACP’ Plan:

Here is the response letter from Toll Brothers to the PC regarding the 58 conditions:

At the last Conditional Use Hearing, it was announced that Toll Brothers had requested to present ‘supplemental material’ addressing the Planning Commission’s recommended conditions to the Board of Supervisors.  Below is a list of upcoming meetings with the PC that must occur before the next scheduled Conditional Use Hearing on March 25th; all are open to the public accept one:

1) Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 11th, 11am:  PennDOT is meeting with Toll Brothers and Westtown Township (and possibly Thornbury Township) at their District 6 office in King of Prussia to discuss the intersections at route 202 and 926 and also 926 and South New Street.
*This meeting is not open to the public.
2) Wednesday, February 19th, 7:30pm:  PC meeting at the Westtown Township building with historic expert John Snook
3) Wednesday, March 4th, 7:30pm:  PC meeting at the Westtown Township building
4) Wednesday, March 18th, 7:30pm:  Final PC meeting at the Westtown Township building
5) Wednesday, March 25th, 6pm:  next BOS Conditional Use Hearing, Rustin High School

There were only five people from Westtown Township in attendance at last Wednesday’s meeting and two of those five people were members of the Robinson family.  There was one person from Birmingham township (thank you cousin Richard) and myself.  That was it.  It was discouraging to see such an empty room.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of attendance.  Bodies need to be in the seats.  I promise these meetings are not going to continue forever because at some point, this saga is going to come to an end.  Personally, and with most things in life, I want to be able to look back and know I did the best I could under the circumstances.  Please mark your calendars if you can make the time to attend and let’s keep going.

If not you, then who?

Mindy Rhodes

4 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 2/10/20

  1. Hey Mindy, Thanks for the update. Definitely hope more people show up for the meetings. Thanks for attending. I’m curious about the PC’s approval of the battlefield swath, is there more info on that? 319 homes will destroy the battlefield regardless of where they are placed. Think viewsheds, interpretive quality, not to mention to many artifacts that will be lost including the real potential of burial sites being disposed of in dumpsters, Snook has already given testimony to that reality. Anyway, we can only hope the battlefield will be preserved and keep working towards that goal.

    Thanks again.



  2. I am truly sorry you are so alone in this fight that means so much to us Mindy. Please accept my sincere thanks. I came to many of the meetings initially and have a disabled son and find it difficult to get care so I can not get to meetings. Please know my heart it there, as a life long resident, I’m in tears over this continued raping of my beloved region , as with ALL the continued development. I know this doesn’t help much but thank you..


    1. Dear Cindy,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this very kind note to me. And it did help… I know I am not alone in this fight because there are many others just like you and me. You will be with there tonight in spirit… and I will continue to share what I learn. Thank you again.


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