Crebilly Farm Update 3/11/20

Dear Friends,

I am following up with yet another tardy update (so sorry… better late than never, right?) from last week’s Planning Commission meeting regarding the ‘Alternative Conceptual Plan’ being presented by Toll Brothers.  A reminder that all upcoming meetings and hearings may be found on the front page of  Please mark your calendars for the next two Wednesday meetings:

1) One week from today:  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18TH, 7:30PM, Westtown Township Building
*This will (most likely) be the final PC meeting regarding the ACP 
2) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25TH, 6PM, Rustin High School
*This is the next Conditional Use Hearing regarding the Crebilly II application. 
There was a great turnout at the last meeting.  I am so proud of our community!  Thank you so much to all who were in attendance and to all who continue to follow the updates.

This latest meeting centered around the previous conditions recommended to the BOS by the PC in the Crebilly II application.  Toll Brothers and the PC are currently reviewing all 58 conditions and if they still apply, will be recommended again to the BOS in the ACP.  About half the conditions were reviewed last week with the remainder to be considered at next week’s meeting.

Here is the link to view last week’s PC meeting:

A very nice man I did not know sat near me at the last meeting, leaned over at some point and asked:  “There is no way to stop this, is there?  This is going to happen, isn’t it?”  The truth is, at this point and no matter what anyone says- no one knows how this is going to end.  Period.  We are in a better place today than we were three years ago thanks to the involvement of the public, nearby townships and local politicians.  We must keep going.  We must continue to push for the best possible outcome for Crebilly Farm and the surrounding community.  Together, we are all making a difference.

If not you, then who?

Mindy Rhodes

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